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 I have signed up for the Newsletter, "like" Lunapads on Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads  Challenge!
Have heard lots of good things about the Beco carrier and would love to win one and try it out for myself!   I think the main thing we need need is more visibility of men using carriers- in real life, in magazines, in movies/TV and in advertising. I think it is also helpful that carrier companies are using more masculine styles, both through design and color/fabric.   I think my dh would wear this one :)
Finally getting around to finding my ddc! Having an unexpected (but oh, so wanted!) #4.   -Name: kmama -Age: 34 now, will be 35 when baby arrives -EDD: May 25 -Location: VA -1st child/2nd/3rd...: Number 4! -Family: married to dh 12 years. dd10, ds8, ds5 -Baby's gender: Boy! -Names: Ethan Robert -Birth plans/preferences: planning for homebirth #3 -Absolutely anything else under the sun: I've been scarce on mdc the past couple years. glad to be back, though I...
Moving to the area in mid-May- will be looking for good local food- eggs, milk, meats, etc. Anyone there or familiar with the TF resources in the area? From what I've found, looks like there are lots of resources in surrounding counties- maybe I'll have to drive?? Please help me if you know of something right there!
I have only low and high settings on my crockpot- and even the low setting is too high, at least 120 degrees : Was really hoping this would be the method I could use. Will have to try some of the heating pad and/or cooler methods now... Following this thread to see what other ideas spring forth Happy culturing everyone!
: Have been interested in building a cob house for a few years now, just now getting to definable time frame (maybe!), and hadn't looked to see who on MDC might be using cob- tada, here you all are!
resurrecting an old thread here- any cobbers around? wannabes? how about in VA or nearby? or can someone direct me to an active thread on cob building? thanks!
just wanted to chime in with how easy keeping backyard chickens can be. we live in a city, so have hens but no roosters --to keep noise down. of course, can't keep our flock growing that way. but we are just using them for eggs, not meat. we were letting them loose in the backyard during the day until one flew over the fence into our neighbor's dogs waiting mouth. now they have a approx 4'x10' outdoor run and dh brings home all sorts of fruit and veg scraps from the...
any other sumac users???
Answering my own question (but still would love to hear from others if/how they use it...) http://www.theepicentre.com/Spices/sumac.html
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