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She was self referral so just find her and call. A lot of midwives put hospital birthers low on their list, FYI. There are a few docs who do that kind of thing.
Are you set on Lois hole? There are a couple of GPs in St Albert who people love- and they run things similar to a midwife. Dr lidkea being one.
If any of you mamas are on Facebook there's an attachment parenting group you can join- they hold play dates etc
I am following this- expecting number two... probably not till 41 weeks and after 25 hours of labour lol. But I'm hoping to at least cut down on how many hours of pushing I had  
lol yes I got my period back right after I stopped my post partum bleeding :( despite cosleeping and breastfeeding on demand and babywearing etc etc. I actually assumed it was just a return of the postpartum bleeding but my MW suggested it was my period- and then it came back the next month and the next etc etc... I wonder if my body will do the same this time?
ooo and if you are having cramps (that might or might not be contractions) it could be the baby trying to get into position- so if you do the spinning babies head down off the couch pose, or even like the modified child's pose (yoga) from kneeling and lean on your forearms, it will float the baby and help ease the pain (or help it get into position if you are actually on your way). I found it really helped me earlier in the PG when all the BH I had were making me...
RRL tea apparently is really useful to help with cramps at that time of the month! I am trying to remember to drink it more often now just because it might help with something :) I was planning this PG to use it at the 1 cup-1st tri, 2cup, 2nd tri, 3 cup-3rd tri but it made me nauseated first trimester so I only took it up again recently. I find cutting it with peppermint helps a lot.  
I don't know if this is any comfort, since I'm sure you've encountered this in your research, but babies can do all kinds of gymnastics and even turn at the last minute, so it's not going to mean anything 100% if baby is breech now. Do your spinning babies exersizes and hope for the answer you need :) Also, except in the unlikely scenario it's transverse and not bendy in the right way (which it sounds like yours might have been), it's not a problem to deliver vaginally,...
I didn't even make it to about 3-4 months PG, my daughter wasn't quite two and I felt bad, but I swear the feelings were so horrible that I wanted to throw her across the room :( I got the creepy crawlies to begin with and then apparently not uncommon the actual desire to toss her. From almost the second she'd latch until I got her away. I actually almost feel scared of nursing the new LO even though until I got the aversions I had no problem nursing at all, ever. It...
If you haven't already done it, I found it was a lifesaver to have frozen pads in the freezer. I had a bunch of leftover giant incontenance pads from a friend (maybe depends?) and those were fine, I sprayed them with a calendula/wichhazel/water mix till about 1/4-1/2 saturated, and then would change them when the pain returned lol. They were absorbent enough they'd hold the melted liquid and my flow. I bled for about 6 weeks, then got my first period lol so that sucked....
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