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Ive never had a problem and have been breastfeeding for 3 years total between my two kids so far. I go to restaurants, travel, ball games, weddings, farmers market, cities, parks, etc.    I'd say that I breastfeed my second in the Ergo about 75% time out of the house just for convenience so nobody ever notices. 
Both of  my kids were born at 42 weeks so I know what you feel. Ended up having my 2nd (and the home vbac) at exactly 42 week 0 days. It was a Sunday or else my midwife wanted me to have a hospital birth at 42 weeks. She was okay with waiting until Monday to transfer care so it worked out that I got the birth at home. I did go for NST twice and all was okay.   At 41w5d I drank a pretty yummy castor oil drink ... after doing a whole bunch of other remedies. It sent...
I do the hippy look ... hemp pants with a nursing tank top and wrap top, At night I switch the wrap top for a thermal henley. I rarely wear other things during the week. I have a few variations of this kind of thing.
I also did this with both of mine. They came at 42 weeks perfectly healthy.
We don't even think about it when going out in the gen public   Our preschool is nut free.   Its reall hard for us to pay that much attention in a place that isnt nut free and imo it should fall under responsibility of parents of allergic kids to keep their kids as safe as they can.
No being militant has nothing to do with doing what everyone or no one does. I dont think you had good reading comprehension if thats what you though i was saying. It has to do with not being flexible and being too rigid in your ways. Personally, I think it's great that some kids get to stay with their parents a ton. Im sure there are those who that is best for. That's cool for them if it works for who they are and want to be. I just don't see how the thread starter and...
We turned ours up and that worked well. We were so paranoid about it nit but it worked:)
I use something called shata dhauta ghrita - 100x washed ghee. Works amazing!  
Only the parent knows whats best for their kid imo.   I know I can teach my child well. I just choose not to do it all of the time. My almost 3yr old loves her afternoon preschool 2 afternoons for 2 hours. She wants to go more than that. If she is having more fun in a great environment then its great for everybody imo.  We are trying out 5 mornings in the fall at the local Waldorf. I think she will be so happy with all the kids. Not all kids thrive in environments...
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