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THANK you. I wonder why it isn't on my drop down list...
Another vote for Poochies and preciousdignity.com FABULOUS dipes.
is there not a November '05 due date club listed? I can't find it.
Tomsgirl--List me as a March success. I technically conceived in Feb but dangit, March needs some success! Feathere--Yay!!!! Congrats on the !!!! When is your EDD?
Thanks, guys!  
Sage nursed again this morning!!!!! YaHOoooooo!!! This was the first time in over a week. Oh, and I got a last night at 12 DPO!!!
gabry--I'm expecting AF to show before the 7th. I'm at 7 DPO today and holding my breath with high temps holding steady. We'll see. The 7th would make me 11 DPO. If I get there, I'll probably test. :LOL
Poochies. www.preciousdignity.com
New Posts  All Forums: