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love this...thanks for keeping it real:)  sometimes i think people must think I'm totally negligent for the things my boys do, but you are so right - they find a way!!  
thanks pbjmama - I appreciate your response.  I am on the verge of crying all the time, so I know I have to get something under control here.  We moved to a new house in a remote (to me) neighborhood a few weeks before baby was born, and the change has been brutal for all of us, but I know the 4 yo and I have take it the worst.  I have a call in to a psychologist - I'm willing to try anything at this point.  Thank you.
Oh he absolutely had to clean it up.  Unfortunately though, after sitting in 102 degree Texas heat for an hour  (before I found it) it had dried and caked on and had to be scrubbed off with major force, so he couldn't have cleaned it all up himself.  And we had planned to go somewhere fun for dinner after baby's nap, which was cancelled because we had to spend time cleaning the car.  My repeated rule that I am constantly saying is "paint and colors are for paper only". ...
Thanks guys.  Well I am home alone with three boys many days because DH travels tons.  I have a baby (14 mos) that needs to nap, and I have to be able to leave the 4.5 yo unsupervised, until and unless I can figure out how to clone myself.  I just feel like at his age, I should be able to pop a show on, tell him to sit on the couch for 10 minute while I get the baby down.  But he will find whatever it is that is he is not supposed to find.  He KNOWS he isn't supposed to...
I am asking here because I seriously would like to know if this is normal behavior!!  This is something he would have done at 2.5 or even 3.5, but he was 4 in April and acts like he doesnt' understand why I'm so upset!  He has absolutely no impulse control and it's driving us all to drink.    Is this normal 4.5 yo behavior or should I be making an appointment with a neurologist to look for issues?
Linda, I just read your post and tears are flowing (and I'm not really a cryer:)) so thank you.  I think you helped more than you know. 
I just reread your post Insidevoice.  The part about DH helping...is an issue that is so hard for me.  That's where the bedtime struggles come from.  He does bedtime with the older boys (when he's not travelling) so i can have a little break to get the kitchen cleaned up.  The problem is they don't want to do bedtime with him.  I'm the "feel good" parent, and they want that at night.  Honestly when he's not home, they don't fight bedtime at all, but it's all me 24/7 and...
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and advice and hugs.  Insidevoice, you have given some great advice.  I honestly think if my DH were gone all the time, it would be easier somehow because he and I disagree so much about discipline.    I'll clarify a few things.  I don't homeschool but the older boys (8 and 4) have been home mostly all summer because we just moved to a house that, to me, is way too in the country for my comfort level.  The problem is that I didn't...
having three boys has absolutely pushed me way beyond my capacity to be a good parent.
thanks jenn...that's one i haven't read but I ordered it tonight on Amazon for Saturday delivery.  Maybe it will have some tools in there for me to try to turn it around.  I don't see a bath/novel in my near future though - I'm lucky to get a shower alone:).
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