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I nurse dd in public any time she wants it. Several months ago I was in Boarders (bookstore) and the only place to nurse was on a bench near the bathroom. A lady walked by and said "you should really be doing that IN the bathroom" dhs step grandma gave us a bottle warmer for Christmas when dd was 6 months and said I should be giving her bottles by now.  My friend who doesnt have kids asked me to please not nurse around her because it makes her uncomfortable,...
My dd is only 12 months old and so many people including relatives and friends have "reminded" me that she is one now and can have cows milk. My plan is to let her wean herself which wont be anytime soon since 90 percent of her calories are still breast milk. Do you have people acting like its odd that you still nurse? What do you say to them?
I am a stay at home mom. During the day she nurses every 2 hours even if we are out and about. She sometimes will want to go 3 hours though. Then she nurses a ton at night. I would say she nurses 10-14 times a day. She isnt big on solids. She just turned 12 months. 
Goodness maybe she does have this? How would I know? I would feel awful if its because of reflux. 
Thank you so much ladies. I felt I had no where else in the world to turn so I came here for help and I appreciate it all and have been listening to the advice. Today we did one nap and she went to sleep easily enough. She can fall asleep no problem, she just cant stay asleep or be moved out of my arms. My son was at preschool today so I laid with her and she napped 30 minutes from 10-1030. She had woken up for the day at 6 am. So anyhow she was awake the rest of the day...
Yes that really is rude and not her business. I got pregnant with my son when I was 22 and in college and I have been asked the same thing before as well as other rude comments. 
Well my dd isnt like that at all, and will not even fall asleep in the car on long car trips. She is not a nap anywhere baby. 
She does sleep at night that way when I am with her, but I cant just leave her alone in that bed when I am out with my son. She would climb out even with rails. That would be ideal though if I could leave her in the bed because its the moving her that wakes her. I wish my dh was home at a normal time so he could entertain our son, then I would not feel so guilty. It was bad tonight and I am not proud of it. I said something I never thought I would say to my baby.. shut...
Oh and she used to take a paci until a month ago. She has always been an awful sleeper but the paci did help. Now she wont take one for anything and just wants to nurse forever. And the reason she was on two naps is they seriously are 15-20 minutes. She does between 30-40 minutes of naps TOTAL in the day and about 9 hours with tons of waking at night. Less then 10 hours in a 24 hour period... shes tired all the time. 
Sorry crunchy mama, I didnt mean to hurt your feelings at all. I was just feeling depressed and upset ( to put it lightly) and then your post kind of made me feel bad, like you were so much better than me because I let her cry and you would never do that. So I just pointed out it is so different when you have another child who really needs attention as well. To the above poster, but times I left her to cry then minute or so she fell asleep. Tonight I was in her room for...
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