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Still nursing my full time nurser (12 months old).  He nurses all night and about 12 times total in a 24 hour time period.  Feeling a little overwhelmed about nursing two, but I think it will be fine.  My first DD was 26-27 months when she stopped nursing.  
Name: hikingfortruth (Grace)   EDD: Nov. 5   Age: 25   Location: Pennsylvania   Pregnancy #: 3   Baby #: 3
Thanks everyone! April 1st!
Congrats mamas!!! So we have a list somewhere of who is still pregnant? For the rest of us to meditate/ pray for?
Beautiful photo filia!
etienne Oliver born at 1:20 am 3/29 8# 11 oz 21" long. Born at home. When labor really kicked in it only lasted 4 hours!
Etienne Oliver was born at 1:20 am last night. 8# 11 oz. A great birth! Will post story later...
Im still in labor too. constant ctx but about 10 min or less apart. Little progress here and there. Just trying to rest.
Yay everyone! Nice little birth story bena!
Just going with it. Hot bath time.
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