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I use PeriodTracker too, and I love it.
Absolutely love Indigo/Indie. Personally I am not a fan of Hickory, but I do like Basil/Baz. And it wasn't until I read another poster's response that Basil sounds a little feminine did I think of it too. But when you say Baz, it sounds more masculine. I vote for Basil, but I did like another poster's idea of using a a color related name, like Gray. I absolutely love that name suggestion.
I'm not currently pregnant, but I have a list of names that I have tucked away in case we decide to have another baby. Several of them I would probably never use because I know a lot of people would say, 'You named your child what?!?!?!".   Girls: Eden, Verbena or Verena, Willow, Trinity, Everly Boys: Blake, Jace (I heard this name on the MTV's 16 and Pregnant and adored it, but I'd be afraid to use it especially since the kid's mother is a train wreck), Declan...
I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this, I wasn't sure where to post this. Ever since I had my LO I was never really aware of hair loss until the hairstylist asked me when I was getting my hair cut over the weekend. After I got to thinking about it, I suppose I have been experiencing some. That could explain why I started noticing some smaller new hairs near my hairline (that weren't there before) and some thining around my face. Anyone else have hair...
MOPS??? Not sure what that is.
I've started reading Julie and Julia by: Julie Powell. I haven't seen the movie yet--I'm one of those who likes to attempt at reading the book before seeing a film. Anyone else interested in reading it with me and discussing?
I checked out the book at the library (browsed through it). Seems like a pretty hefty book--one that I probably won't be able to take on at the current moment. It's one that I'm really going to have to sit down to read without any distractions. And that probably won't be anytime soon. Just thought I would let you know...
Hey there! I am in Mansfield, OH too. I wish I could help you, I really do but I don't know of any resources. But if you ever want to chat it up sometime, let me know.
Sure thing! I'm going to need a few days so I can swing by the library to pick up a copy. I'm also going to send you a PM in case you don't see this message. If anyone else wants to join let us know!
Quote: Originally Posted by Krisis So, I am so scared to knit socks. I'm... yeah, just terrified. What should I know and is there a good beginner's pattern I should try first? I am a total wuss about knitting socks. I'm too afraid to do it because it looks hard.
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