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My friend K. (a woman) is the non-pregnant expecting mom in their marriage--I think her wife is due in December. She's been blogging about the experience--here's the link: http://equalmommy.blogspot.com
Thank you for your feedback and replies, mamas. I really appreciate it. I think that's an interesting point--that the mom/dad paradigm doesn't quite fit when it comes to the two lesbian mamas paradigm. And how cool is that--that both moms can find their roles without having to wrestle with a traditional structure/understanding of what they "should" be doing? I'd love to hear more about that, especially since I really enjoy watching my partner engage with the kids on...
My new anthology has essays by women in your shoes, SimplyRochelle. The link for it is www.dearjohnilovejane.com. There's also a website called LavenderVisions.com that is a community for women trying to figure these things out. The name is kind of corny, but I've heard good things about it. Why does your DH feel like a woman wouldn't be attracted to both of you?
Thanks for the great thread and suggestions. Anyone have recommendations for grade school books on this topic? We live in Santa Fe but only know 1-2 non-traditional families.
Welcome! (I'm newer than you, but I'm still sending a big welcome your way)
What a happy ending! I love it. I will be rooting for you and your family to find a more open-minded community. So your kids don't really understand what's happening...my hit is just to sit them down and explain it all to them together, in the simplest terms possible. It seems like you're both happy and they are most likely picking up on that, so that's good.
Also, there's a book called "The Transgendered Child" which I have heard very good things about.
I just saw this great short film, "I'm just Anneke," which is about a trans 12-13 year old. It's really wonderfully done. And it shows both parents talking about it. Maybe it would help your husband to see another dad in his shoes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsI3dV71lcs
I love that name, "abeecharmer"--my dw-to-be told me I was one back in the early days of our fallin' in love. Fried Green Tomatoes! Well, in terms of help, if you know of any lesbian mama writers, send them my way at candacew at mothering dot com. I really want queer mamas "in the frame," I like that phrase. I just got this snipey comment on my blog. "Congratulations on your success, what does that have to do with natural parenting?" I had shared a Publisher's...
New Posts  All Forums: