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DS is very sensitive with big emotions. He just started Kindergarten and cries every morning before going. The first week was rough. It was a two hour gradual entry, but one of the days he clung to me and the teacher pulled him away while he was throwing a fit. It was heartbreaking for me and him! I'm not sure what to do. Should I keep sending him and keep the goodbyes quick like the teacher says? Should I ask if I can bring him home at lunch so it is a shorter day for...
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and Monkey Math.
KellyMom has some information about different meds: http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastfeed/meds/antidepressants-hale10-02/   And I also found the pharmacists were very knowledgeable about the medication and were very helpful looking up information and studies for me about breast milk transfer from the medication.   Hope that helps!
Sorry I didn't see the additional posts.   I am currently taking Cipralex (escitalopram). It is working better than Zoloft for me, although it doesn't make things 100% better.   It is not as friendly for breastfeeding, and I just noticed some information by the Canadian government about increased heart risk, so I will be asking my doctor about the safety of this drug on my next visit.   If you other ladies have found something that is working better for you,...
Sent you a PM.
It sounds like you have some great ideas in place! You inspired me to look at my life and find some simple things I enjoy and start enjoying them again. I also love reading, but like you, have been reading informational books for the past few years. Recently at Costco, I wrote down a whole bunch of fictional book titles that looked interesting to see if my library has them available.   My 10th anniversary is also coming up this year, and I love your idea of not...
Hi everyone, I just wanted to join this thread too, as I think I may have BPD or something. I have not be diagnosed yet because I was afraid to ask my doctor to see a phychiatrist, but I made an appt for next week. I was an intense introvert as a child, very moody as a teen and still am. My parents were super strict, I was a perfectionist and still am about some things. I also grew up in a super fundamental religion and believed that reality up until 2 years ago. I...
I'm sorry you must be going through a difficult time right now. I hope you are feeling well soon, and take things a day at a time.
This is interesting. I liked the pain in my mouth when I had braces having braces, and would purposely bite my teeth to make it hurt. The other day I also noticed I keep sticking my fingernail in my gum that is sore because I like the feeling. Maybe I should bring that up with my therapist!
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