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I find it's just warm, and not too ouchy ouchy. If it feels too hot, I tell DH to pull back. The acupuncturist told me to tell her if it was getting "uncomfortably hot," so I wasn't sure how much of a trooper I was supposed to be.   I hope your baby will stay head down. My baby seems to be kind of a sideways breech, with its head under my right rib cage, and its feet are outstretched over the bottom of my belly. I still feel kicks down low. I thought it was perhaps...
bluepetals, that's awesome your baby flipped! I started moxibustion too, and I hope it will work. I'm on Day 7 so far, but I was only doing 5-10 mins per toe. 2 days ago I started doing 20 mins/toe, so I'm hoping it will work soon. Were you doing any exercises as well, like the breech tilt? I'm due May 17th, so I'm hoping the moxibustion will work, it sure makes the baby move around!
Thank you! I really wasn't sure how much to spend, so that is great advice.
I've had 2 adjustments so far to hopefully turn my breech baby! And yes, my bum is sore. I still only feel movement at the bottom of my belly, so I'm thinking the baby is still heads up.   My previous labor was short and easy, so I wasn't expecting a breech baby this time. The midwife is scheduling me for an ECV in the next week or so, and I'm hoping this little guy will flip if he's able to. They don't deliver breech babies vaginally in our community.    
We're having another little boy! I thought it was a girl for sure this time because the pregnancy was so different.
DS was invited to his first bday party, a little girl in our neighborhood who is turning 3. We don't really know the family, but would like to attend and get to know our neighbors. My husband and I grew up in religious homes that didn't celebrate bdays, etc., so we're totally new to this. (We're not raising DS like this, and would like him to enjoy these occasions).   My questions is, how many presents do you normally get the birthday child? How much do you normally...
I'm not sure if this will help, but at the bottom of your Facebook page after you sign in, there is a faint blue bar that says "Older Posts" and "Edit Options." If you click "Edit Options," it has your News Feed Settings where you can type in friends you want to see more posts from (type their names in the Show More bar) and you can "Hide" certain friends posts as well. You can also change the number of feeds so you see more recent posts where it says "Number of...
I got 17. I would agree that I'm highly sensitive.
My DH just surprised me with one today! He got it at Costco. I can't wait to try making my own almond milk.   es1967 - How do you sweeten your almond milk? Do you soak the almonds first? Thanks!
What a great gift!   I've only had experience with Pilates from the DVD set I bought. It is a good workout, and I could feel the burn! It's important to do the exercises correctly, so a class would really help with that. I found Pilates was a more intense workout.   Yoga is my favorite. I find it really relaxing, and a time that's just for me. I went to a beginners class when DS was 1 yo, and really enjoyed it. I'm in a prenatal class right now, and it's a great...
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