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Thank you for starting this thread! I am definitely searching for something right now, and have no idea what.   I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and although I had brief doubts about the history of the organization as a teen, I was too afraid to do research because I thought Satan was putting it into my heart. I went to 3 meetings a week since infancy, and was out knocking on doors on the weekends. As a child I didn't feel like I fit in, and I wanted...
Quote: Originally Posted by Adele_Mommy mi_amor! About that same time my minister happened to give a sermon that talked about JW missionaries. I really like that sermon and it was actually selected by the congregation vote for this year's "rerun sermon" coming up in November. Here is the sermon description from our newsletter: Here is the text of the sermon if you are interested: Door-to-Door Religion I'm glad you are here on the thread...
I like my Bravado Body Silk bras too. I have a small band size, and they were the only bras I could find that fit small enough, but still had a larger cup size. The light padding is great for wearing when it's cold.
That's a good idea. I bought a kit that came with only one needle, but I could try another size. I would have went back to the store sooner, but it's 7 hours away! I wish there was a closer store.
This is my first time felting. There seems to be lots of indentations in the felt and I wondered if I was doing something wrong? Maybe I was poking too hard? I'll try and post a picture. http://www.flickr.com/photos/37421402@N03/5106531074/ It's supposed to look smoother like this: http://www.maplerose.ca/Ladybug_Need...ting%20kit.htm
Hi Mamas. I was raised a JW and recently left and was nervous to step inside a church. But I found a UU very close to my house and it meets in a community room which feels more comfortable to me. I was nervous to go to a service, and wondered if they give sermons or take collections? I signed up for Lessons in Simplicity sessions through them and start next month.
I'm 28 and my husband and I were each other's first partners. Do you think I could skip my PAP too? My last one was almost 2 years ago.
Done and done!
DH has a box of textbooks from 12 years ago on building design and codes. I think they are probably out of date, and wondered if I should recycle them or bring them to a thrift store? They are for civil engineering design and computer programs. Thanks!
I found my spray bottle in the indoor gardening section of walmart. It says "Plant Smart E-Z Sprayer" and it works the best out of all the ones I've tried. It was $2 or less. I've left mixtures of cleaning solutions in it for months and it still works and doesn't get clogged or anything. HTH!!
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