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I really don't like when that happens! My fav is when you buy something at Costco, only to go in on your next visit and see it's on sale. I have to admit I've gone back to get a few $$ back. Oh, but that was before I had a baby! Now I wouldn't have the time, and I'd be upset.
I have a large basket of gloves/mitts/ear warmers/scarves/toques in the closet on the shelf. And we keep all our boots on the mat in the foyer. I have a rack that I hang up my jacket and DS jacket and mitts so I can grab them quickly. Or I keep DS jacket and hat on the banister near the door so they're easy to locate before we leave. I also keep his boots in an old bookshelf we have in the foyer, along with his other shoes, diaper bag, toys, etc to keep things handy for...
We have hardwood floors upstairs where we do most of our living and no area rugs. I like to keep things really simple looking, so I like how it looks. I would like to get one for DS room though, because his room is very cold in the winter. My Mom and Dad had hardwood floors and their area rug left a print when they removed it. I wondered if the sun bleached the surrounding floor too much and that caused it? I was worried this might happen if I used an area rug.
I put mine into the tub after I toss in my clothes and it seems to work fine. I was afraid the dispenser would get clogged up, but it does fill up with water so it would probably be ok.
When I was pregnant I had an incident with a berry smoothie on my beige couch. I used Pink Solution and it all came out...blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. It works really well and is natural and non-toxic.
What a happy story! I hope the treatment works for her. If I inherited all that money I would: - Buy land in the mountains and live a simpler life - Not worry about the expense of buying organic foods ever again - Travel across Europe - Invest, share with loved ones, donate
I would be so lost! I never thought I would find a place where I feel like I fit in and can learn so much from amazing women who embrace natural parenting. Going against the grain can be challenging, and sometimes isolating, but I don't feel totally alone because I'm in good company here.
I the feeling! I grew up using them daily and never knew you weren't supposed to put them in your ears! Now I just use them occasionally.
I think it is nice to be noticed that you aren't there. But what I don't like is when someone asks me where my parents are because I think that's weird...mostly because I feel bad that I don't know!
Oh Mama, it sounds like you're in a very difficult situation! I would be very upset if I could hear gunshots and granades at night. And being away from family is difficult too. Is it possible to talk with your family and friends and let them know how you're feeling? They may be able to offer you emotional support over the phone. And maybe you could go visit them? Or they could come visit you? It also sounds like you don't have any time to yourself, or a few...
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