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hey ladies I'd like to join.     We are TTC and LO is nursing 3X a day occasionally 4X.  She is 15 months.  I got a beautiful BFP in Oct only to learn it was a blighted ovum.  I am 15 days out from the d&c and looking to TTC next cycle.  I can't get rid of the nagging feeling BFing might have harmed my pregnancy but the thought of weaning her before she's ready is unbearable!  So come what may I am doing child led weaning.  Good luck to you all sending lots of baby dust! 
If she turns 18 and he is still 16 or even 17 it could be considered a statutory rape situation (with her as the "rapist").  She should be very careful and investigate the statutes where you live.  You may want to consult a family law attorney if you can possibly afford it.  If she wants to try to make it on her own-- let her-- but don't "enable" her by paying her rent, utilities, grocery bills etc..  
I think you could see a lot of improvement by doing two simple things: 1) turn off or severely limit the screens, 2) require that the kids help out with household chores.  Maybe the screens can be the payment for the chores.  You are NOT your children's slave!  They need to experience picking up their own messes.  There's nothing wrong with asking them to pull their own weight.  Even a very young child can put away their own clothes, help wipe down bathrooms, scrub dirty...
I have 7 .  We have lots of struggles and lots of joy.  Right now our biggest challenge is homeschooling when some of the kids have no interest whatsoever in academics.    We're very careful with money and save wherever we can.
As someone else said, I'd be looking for a partner to have kids with .  Or would do single mother by choice with sperm donation.  Of course I'd need money to do that, so I'd probably be a speech/ OT therapist or teacher of some kind as a career.  Or maybe be a full time/ special needs foster parent (in which case I probably would try to conceive).
My son went straight to typing; he too was a terrible speller until he found a message board he liked around age 9 or 10-- gradually his spelling improved.  He used spellcheck a lot at first but has vastly improved since those days.  I think the spellcheck taught him, since it automatically points out mistakes.
She's so adorable!!!  congrats!
Oh, so beautiful!  Congrats!
I'll join! I have weight from 2 pregnancies to lose, since I got pregnant right after a loss.  I completely lost my appetite in the 3rd trimester (when I normally gain a lot) so only gained 12 pounds with this pregnancy.  DD was born 7 lb 9 oz & when I got home from the hospital I was 10 lb down (so my placenta must have been less than 3 lb??) and have lost a couple lbs since then.  I ate like a horse (more like 3 horses!) the first week PP because I am terrified of low...
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