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My LO is 8 days old today and I am feeling so thankful.  Thankful for a healthy little girl, a happy older brother and an amazing birth.  I had anxiety during my pregnancies thinking about all that could go wrong.  Now that she's here, I am realizing how lucky we are.  Not to mention that I could not have asked for a more amazing and empowering birth.  How can one person be so lucky?    That's all.   
Hang in there mamas!  Before you know it you will be cuddling with your new little ones!!
UPDATED with birth story post #1
Elodie arrived on Saturday, September 24th at 4:32 pm after a 2.5 hours of labor!  It was the most amazing (and fast!) birth I could imagine.  She was 12 days "late", 9 pounds, 21 inches and has tons of black hair.  I'll post her birth story in a few days when I get the time.  I'm in bliss and feel great.  I'm still in shock that she's really here.       Baby Elodie's birth story update:   Saturday morning my DH, 16 month old DS and I woke up ready to have a nice...
What an amazing birth story.  You are truly a strong woman.  I'm so happy for you and your beautiful little girl.  
41+3  here.  I am having contractions (real, good ones) everyday, some that make me stop in my tracks.  This has been going on for over a week and a half and it's driving me crazy!  It's such a mind game.  I've seriously thought I was in labor twice now.  Ahhgg!  I'm cranky, SO tired, achy, huge, irritable and just plain over being pregnant. Now I'm facing this time line or I'll have to go in for an induction, which is not what I want.  Also, at 42 weeks a water birth is...
41 weeks today.  I am tired.  And so ready to have this baby.  I had a NST/AFI test this morning at my midwife appointment and everything looks great.  I go back in for another one on Friday---if I'm still pregnant.  I just learned that I will not be able to have my water birth if I go 42 weeks, which makes me sad.  But hopefully this little girl will decide to make her appearance before then!  Just waiting...trying to be patient...chasing around my 16 month old...sigh....
Great question!  
It's my due date today too!  I'm ready, let's do it. 
Today is my "due date"...uneventful but exciting to see this date on the calendar none the less.  I had intense prodromal labor early Saturday morning and thought it might be it, but alas.  I was induced with my first so don't know what it's like to go into labor naturally, it's kind of like doing it for the first time.  MW said I am 1 cm and 40% effaced, so that's something...  I was SO OVER being pregnant about a week ago but then somehow resigned myself to the fact...
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