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I thought the transition from 1-2 was fairy easy. It was nice to have some help, especailly the first few eeks when I was soo tired. One of the grandmas would come by and take dd1 to the park or help make lunch. But after about 4-6 weeks we just kind of got into a rhythm. Especially when th baby is little they are pretty happy to be tucked in a baby carrier and taken anywhere. I would onfess that we did watch a bit more tv than before. I think sesame street cam...
I was about to start a thread on this. I have a terrible (?) habit of forgetting deoderant and I was just thinking that I like the smell of natural to deoderant. But sometimes on high stress days (shy girl working in office with lots of men) I really stink (without deoderant). I shall try the crytal... Thanks for all the info girls!
one quick thought: Is your baby needing the next size up? I know we were having a lot of leaks right beofr eI bought meduim Fuzzibunz. We use fuzzibunz stuffed witha prefold and a joeybunz insert. Haven't had a leak in quite a while. Also since we only have 6 fuzzibunz sometimes we use a perfold and a joey bunz in a sugar peas wool cover. this work pretty well to except for the REALLY wet night where the diaper bleeds purple on the sheet...not official leak just a...
just a quick thought...maybe you all are doing too much. The UP book mentioned and another book Everyday blessings both say somethign to the effect that children need down time. We had a hard time with DD1 for awhile. When I cut back to only working 4 days a week it really seemed to make a difference. One less day of rushing out the door. She gets to help me decide what we are or aren't going to do. and most of hte time she wants to stay home and play with her toys. We...
My DD1 does this on and off. The teachers are very patient (more so than I sometimes) and rub backs or take her out of the room. This I think hits the nail on the head:The big issue with dd1 was - I believe - that the assistants needed to have time off and if they could not leave her they became angry that they could not have their pause. Nevertheless they could have tried harder... or atleast that why I get frustrated at home. DD would pick up on this frustration and...
Ohh I 've been trying to find dolls to make for the girls. SOOO cute.
Jessi- I will post my stuff on the other site...have a good trip!
Aviva- This is what Izzy does too. The only reason we have one is because some one gave it to us. Honestly I think a homemade one would be cooler.
hey has anyone gotten postcards from boulder yet? I sent them out last week (sorry so late!)
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