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Cast iron pans can be used just like any other pans. Make sure it's well seasoned and you shouldn't have any sticking issues. I use mine for everything from frying things (really helps the seasoning as well) to pancakes. I use it mostly for meat because it gives a great sear to it but since you are vegetarian, that tip probably won't help you!
I was asked to edit my post so here is the comment written in a different way: Since your 16 year old is having so many issues, how are you going to keep that from happening to the 8 year old?
I do kind of miss a lot of what other people have said- the smell, the feel, the page turning, the look, etc. One of the other cons I've found is that I miss a lot of sleep- it's SO easy to stay up and read late into the night on my Nook!
Today's temp was super high (we had a weather shift to cold so I've been sleeping with more blankets). FF says I've ovulated now. Looks like you were right, JMJ.
Grrr, DS has decided to sabotage my chart this month. Maybe he wants a sibling. Every other day, he gets up at 5 am. He normally lets me sleep until after 8 (when I usually take my temp). So, I don't know if I'm going to be able to confirm ovulation this month. I had a bunch of EWCM last week but no temps to confirm. Guess we'll have to play it safe this month and use condoms every time!
5 shirts12 flats made into fitteds and inserts10 baby clothes12 kitchen towels (no idea why I had to many!)10 baby washcloths2 frames1 photo album100 photos1 broken suitcase2 water bottles2 old containers1 bunch of brochures1 changing pad1 shell3 wedding favors1 plastic case5 misc trash from baby's toy bin1494/2011
Just wanted to share here. I bought some light sports bras- think soft elastic, one layer of material. Apparently I didn't get them loose enough. I wore it for about an hour before my chest started to hurt and I was having a hard time breathing. I took it off and within 20 minutes my breathing was fine and my chest didn't hurt anymore! Guess if I try those again I should go up about 2 or 3 sizes!
I tossed all the clothes that I've had since high school/ college (almost 10 years of clothes!)- none of them fit me. But, I remember where I bought most of them, when I bought them and how much I paid (or saved) on them. I had two boxes of them! I knew there was no chance I was going to fit into them, the resale shop here doesn't take clothes older than 18 months and I've packed them through THREE moves! (one of those across three states!) So, I didn't even open the...
We take TONS of pictures of DS and I have them all digitally filed by month and then year with the dates taken as the title of the photo. We don't print them out though. I've printed out a few to put in his baby book which I have almost completed (he's 14 months right now). Once he starts creating things like art and cards and such, I plan on saving a few of those. I will try to keep them very organized. But, I am different from you in that I loved seeing all my stuff...
But, I think that's the point, that hitting to punish your child is violent. And the intent is violent because you want them to remember that pain.Also, about spanking being how you teach God's authority- I would rather teach my children about the love and forgiveness of God. I want them to know that they can go to Him and me and DH with any problem and we will help them with it, not punish them for making a mistake.
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