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Cleaned out the totes... I managed to get one emptied and organized the others by type of material.10 yards fabric20 scraps5 bead containers1 bead needles1 box5 shirts3 placemats1287/2011I think I'm done for the day. That was a lot of work!
I am on fire today! We are moving within the next few months so everything is fair game! I went through my baskets and tote full of yarn. My goal was to fit all my yarn, my yarn winder, knitting needles and crochet hooks in one tote and I did it! I still need to go through my totes full of fabric. I have five full of fabric, notions, half finished projects and stuffing. I would like to get it down to four or even three though I'm not sure if I have the willpower for...
I didn't even ask when I interviewed midwives if they had children. I wanted to know how many births they had attended and how they turned out. I wouldn't rule out a midwife/ doula who hadn't been pregnant.
Yikes! Good thing there are plenty of blow up pools and watering troughs that will work for waterbirths. This won't stop people from having a waterbirth but it sure is ridiculous.
1 holey sock1 baby shirt9 email junk mail subscriptions canceled2 pieces of fabric used for a project5 yards of fabric donated1 thread spool organizer1141/2011
20 books50 clothes that I will never fit again and have packed through three moves. Since we're planning another move I decided to just get rid of them. I wanted to sell them but I'm never going to get around to it. Thanks to you ladies, I'm just going to donate them!1122/2011
I just found that book at Goodwill and bought it for DS.
1 HUGE pile of cardboard to recycling center8 baby clothes donated4 random items of garbage that baby was using as toys1052/2011
I can't believe there are two pages of nonsense about muffins... The ant story is AWFUL! I think I would be scarred for life if that happened to me! Now I think I need to make chocolate chip muffins and then do a ton of sit ups to get rid of my muffin top!
Pair baby shoesbroken salt and pepper setjumperoo5 expired fridge itemsPair baby sock rattlehanging file folders1039/2011
New Posts  All Forums: