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I find it easier to drink water when I have it right next to me and use a straw... for some reason I drink more that way! I'm at my desk all day so I just set it next to me. I'm still trying to up my intake during the work day but it has gotten easier.
My midwife and I just talked about this at my appointment the other day. She said since I don't have any of the risk factors, she is completely fine with me not having the test. She said she doesn't really agree with drinking so much sugar at once since it's a shock to your system and baby. She said if glucose started showing in my urine, she has an at home finger prick test I could take before and after eating a normal breakfast. If I do take the test, that's the route I...
EDD: March 20th Name: Emilie DH name: Dave Other children: None Any Furbabies: None Names: We have decided but aren't telling! Gender: Boy! State: Idaho
Hi! I'm due March 20th (or so). Baby #1 and it's a boy!
Our goal is to keep the toy clutter to a minimum. Our little boy is due in March and DH and I have already discussed it. We want toys that he can be creative with- legos, lincoln logs, a mat for his cars to drive around on, etc. We do not want any battery operated toys. I plan on making a lot of his stuffed animals and things like that.
DH likes to take leftovers for lunch so I usually make enough for one dinner and one or two days of his lunch. I cook from scratch almost always, so I can always add little bits of veggies or leftover meat to soup (which now that the weather is cold again, I try to make once a week.) In the summers, I try to use those little bits up in a Saturday morning frittata or hash. I also use the "Green bags" for veggies- They last so much longer!
I have a retroverted uterus and we couldn't hear the heartbeat at 11 weeks. It also has a lot to do with where the placenta has attached, plus that's a tiny baby in there so it's possible it's all the way in the farthest corner! Relax and I hope your ultrasound appointment goes well!
I'm Emilie, 26, married and expecting a little boy in March. I will be staying hom with the babe after that so we are trying to save as much as possible before then for emergencies, etc. So, the plan is to save, save, save and we have some debt we are trying to pay off so any extra money should be going to that instead of junk! I'll be back to update spending! I just need to watch DH like a hawk so he doesn't spend on things we don't need! No spend days: Necessary...
I'm heading into my first homebirth in March, well first birth actually! I'd recommend reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth- It's very encouraging about what women's bodies were made to do- we were made to birth. If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, everything should work! Good luck!
I'm excited to see it as well! I didn't get the idea that it would be bashing formula or the mothers who need to use it, just like I don't think BOBB bashed hospitals or the mothers who needed a c-section or induction for medical reasons. I really hope it shows how hospital policies usually don't help a mother breastfeed, the lack of knowledgable support a new mother gets who wants to breastfeed and how much marketing and paying out the formula companies do to get...
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