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I don't have a DS, but if I do if he shows interest in wearing a dress I'll let him use DD's old ones. Even though DH won't be so so thrilled about that idea. DD on the other side loves dresses and everything girly, she started at age 3.
I'm a HS teacher and the parents call me Mrs Lastname, I call DD's teachers by their first name.
Private school, Winter Holiday Break.
Let's see, DD: 2 Wii games($20 each) Assorted Duplos and other accessories ($25 from ebay) Super Fudge books ($24) Marionette made by DH (approx $30 on materials) Art Supplies ($45) Wooden playhouse made by DH ($250 on materials) Kitchen set and supplies ($150) Some of them were bought during the summer I just bought the Wii games and the books last week, and the playhouse is a project that DH has been working on for a year. But it makes a total of $564...
Your child is fine right?? Just let it go. Quote: I disagree with "it's just one day", but for the completely different reason. By restricting foods that taste and feel good (that's why they sell folks, they're designed to hit the palate just right), kids don't learn how to regulate them. They're going to be in a perpetual state of "that's a rare item, I should eat as much as I can before it goes away". I agree...
Oh my God, there's some many things that I love about Celeste. She's my only child, by choice. I had a horrible horrible relationship with my mother, and I was scared to death when they told me I was pregnant. CONGRATULATIONS
I found this I haven't read it though, but I second the advice given above. Look at Crianza Natural
Clara Aida or Aide (my own name) Irene Leonor Victoria Cielo (means Sky) Catherina or Catalina Julia Rosa Melissa for boys: Santiago Josef Miguel Carlos Jacob or Mikel Daniel Cristian
Quote: Originally Posted by HollyBearsMom Well he has had his hand me down iPod since was 6.5 so my answer would be no. why do you think 8 is too young? I don't know I just think it is. I guess I'm not a cool mom, DD wont get an ipod until she's unleast 12 Even though I know DH would love to give her one earlier.
Quote: Originally Posted by atobols Butt is our "nice" word for it and I'm still having trouble getting DH to remember to use it. So true! We say "butt", "bum" and "bottom"
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