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Hi,   My 2 yo old daughter was put under for anesethesia for her dental work in our pediatric dentists office, but my health insurance AETNA is not reimbursing us, as the Doctor (anesethesialogist) does not participate in any health insurance networks. We paid him cash upfront.   Does anyone have any hints on how to get our insurance company to reimburse? The reason they are giving us is that he is not part of the network, but none of these dental...
Is she OK with Xylitol?
The dentist did'nt suggest follwup with the ped.  We saw the ped at 15 months and he was the one that suggested we see a dentist as her teeth had soft enamel.  thanks.
They did not put in spacers or pedo-partials, as her second molars are not completely in.   Peony- thanks for the info. Is there anything that can be done to make sure the gums don't harden?
My 2 year just got her 4 front teeth extract (using GA) due to decay, would like to hear from parents who have experienced this.  She talks and eats fine, I just feel bad that her 4 front teeth are gone.   Did your toddler's teeth grow back OK and were there any changes to eating/speech because of the missing teeth?  thanks!
I very much sympathize.  My 2 year is going through the same.  The cost is nearly $3,000 (we have to pay $1,700 out of pocket).  She will have to get 4 front teeth capped / or removed, 2 cavities filled on the bottom molars and caps on 2 other molars.  we are scheduling it to be done in May 2012.   Please let us know how it goes.
My 2 year old needs to have general anesethsia, as recommended by our ped dentist. Her front teeth is brown/black and she has cavities in the back of her teeth. Her teeth look pretty bad, but the problem is that her top and bottom 2 molars are not in yet. She does have 1 set of molars both on top and bottom.   I was wondering should I wait until all the molars are in?    1. I am doing xylitol 5 times a day and use MI paste once a day.  I am interesed in pascalite...
Hi,  I'm thinking about having a second child but not sure how to work these issues.     1. CUrrently co-sleep with my 19 month old, assume if we have a second child, my first child would be 2.5  by then.   How would I handle sleeping arragements as my DD has always slept with my husband and I?  We would not all fit into a bed and I would need to breastfeed the new baby.   2.  I also rock my DD to bed everynight and I am not sure if I would have to to continue...
I have a 2.5 month old that is 11lbs and own an Ergo and a hotsling. Hotsling is uncomfortable after a while and the ergo seems a little big for her (I don't own the infant insert). Should I buy a sleepy wrap as an interim? I am not handy so don't know how to make one. I don't want to spend anymore money on bw but I do want something that in the interim so carry baby for longer than an hour or so. Your thoughts are appreciated!
I'm currently co-sleeping and BF my 7 week old and it's working out very well. Wondering should I buy a crib as there is a great sale on one along with a mattress. The cost is not an issue as I have a gift certificate. Part of me is thinking that I don't need it as I can cosleep until she is 2-3 years old and then she can transition into a toddler bed or a twin bed. - Is a crib useful as she gets a few months older and I need to place her for naps? Can I just...
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