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1 - 33w - 5lb 8oz 15 days NICU 2 - 36w - 6lb 14oz 48hr nicu for observation due to not breathing when out (not due to prematurity) 3 - 38w - 6lb 2oz 4 - 37w - 6lb 5oz 5 - 38w HOME BIRTH - 6lb 13oz 6 - 38w  hospital due to DVT, was planned home birth  - 5lb 15oz
I went in for my 36 week appt. I had just gotten out of the hospital the day before for intense pressure and regular contractions. I could barely walk because he was so low. My leg with the DVT was swelling again and I was having strong contractions that weren't changing me. In the hospital I was 1cm and thick with no change 2 hours later. At my appt, the Dr told me he was considering inducing at the end of the next week (couple days shy of 38w). We had discussed induction...
We're going in for our induction Thursday night if he isn't here before then!
We'e never gotten that from what I recall. We have gotten negative stuff. MIL once said (while PG with #4 and she didn't know) to someone else in front of us, that we don't need anymore. @@ She's since stopped making comments like that when we announce 5 and then now 6. We have gotten pathetic looks before. Mostly people say we have a crowd, looks like our hands are full, and lately, a lot of smiles. I think for us, most just assume we'll have more and they stop making the...
OBs do usually. MWs are hit or miss as to whether they do.
I had it done with #4, without permission. I was having cntrx already, but thy fizzled out late that night. My MW did it with #5 and I went into labor, 2-3m apart, 2 hours later. I plan to have it done with this one as a means to avoid induction.
I constantly check my baby's position. He's been in optimal position (but not engaged) and was confirmed by U/S. He was breach for a bit and that worried me! My MW, with my last birth, had me do hands and knees position several times a day during the last month and for about 45 minutes when she got to my house during labor. That will help a lot to keep them in the right position.
She was on cycle day 17 and had BW done. HCG negative and progesterone 2.3. So her Dr said no chance of ovulation. Positive PG test 9 days later. On CD 17 when they did the U/S, Dr saw what looked like a sac, but hcg was negative. It was a head scratcher for sure.
First 4 born in the hospital on my back. 5th at home, hands and knees. This one will be in the hospital but Dr is fine with me using hands and knees/squatting/standing on knees.
I've known a couple people that were told they didn't ovulate, only to find out a week later or so that they were PG. I think blood tests are not foolproof, or lab tech error are issues.
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