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41 weeks with my third.  She is whispering to him to come out already!
In labor with my second daughter.  I had just realized I was in labor.  First daughter wanted to join me in the tub.  6 hours later she was born at home. 
Have you considered looking at what she is eating?  Me and my two girls are gluten free due to crazy feelings, among other things.  My oldest looks ADHD when she has gluten.  But my younger is aggressive and has frequent melt downs that some to go on forever!  She was gluten free bc the two of us were until about 3.  then DH wanted someone to share crackers with!!  We didn't really put it together until the excuse of oh, she 3 became oh, she's 4.  We decided for her to...
I have replied earlier but I wanted to add that we have started OT and returned to gluten free for my 4 yr old and the straight to screaming, uncontrollable reaction has decreased from daily level 10 to a weekly level 4.  Something I can handle and she feels much better. Today she sent herself to her room until she could calm hereself down when her sister was driving her crazy
HAve you ever taken him to a chiropractor? We took my ODD when she was having accidents.  The chiro explained that her bladder and her brain were not communicating quickly enough.  Is he not comfortable going in public?  I know my brother and husband pretty much refuse to poop in public!!  Is there a private, clean bathroom at school?  just a thought
My girls love the Little House books.  We have been reading them for about two years.  We are also reading Ramona books and Magic tree house.  These are all chapter books that I read to them.  
What if you put a little basket of apple, banana or granola bars on their dresser and need to eat something before they come out their rooms?  I know someone who's child always had an apple on their bedstand. he ate his apple every morning before he got out of bed.   Are they waking on their own?  Or do you wake them?  Do they still take a nap?  If my YD didn't get a nap the day before her sleep was off and she would be a monster in the morning.  
She may not be handling stress well.  It sounds a little like my daughter.  She can be the cutest, nicest, generous being but...   My DD goes to a waldorf school and they talk alot about the 6 year change, that starts around 5ish.  You might want to read up on it.  We live in AK.  And outside time is a must.  My dd goes outside everyday at school and we try to get both out for a little during the week and more on teh weekends.  Are there any neighborhood kids she can...
You just described my 4 yr DD.  And it sounds like you handle it better than me!!!     My 6 yr dd and I are gluten free due to behavioral and digestive issues.  The 4 yr was until about a year ago bc we were.  DH and I wondered if she needed to be and DH wanted someone to eat cracker with.  Anyway, with an increase in tantrums and straight to screaming at the first trigger, we decided to cut gluten again.  The chronic rash on her back disappeared and while we did not...
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