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I am not having any success finding a family cow. I want a sweet and gentle jersey that will milk easily by hand. Any leads? I'm in Ohio. I've called local dairies, members of the jersey directory, etc.
Has anyone ever tried these pads from the Vermont Diaper co.? I'm in the market for some mamapads and need to make an educated purchase. Here is the linky: http://vermontdiapercompany.com/products_for_women.html
We bought a cow and she is coming next week! We're so not ready. Thankfully she won't be in milk so it shouldn't be too much work right off the bat. Can anyone give me a quick run down of what we'll need? I was thinking of a hay feeder, halter, water dish and grain bucket (for milk time). What else? Any recommendations for online stores to buy from? I can't believe we've been so busy and now the cow is right around the corner. I am so unprepared for this and it's...
I'm looking to buy some snap SWW. Anyone know of the best price and hopefully free shipping? :P TIA
Hi! I'm getting my first pressure canner this week and I want to start canning. I'm so excited. I am hoping to get recommended recipes from either the Ball Blue Book or the USDA Guide to Canning. One thing I'm especially interested in is salsa and I wanted something TNT.
I want to raise some meat birds and layers using as much organic and naturals means as possible. I found a recipe called Ronda's feed: http://www.greenerpasturesfarm.com/C...eedRecipe.html that intrigues me. I guess I need to know.. what do I feed them? I want to fence in an acre for the chickens. Any idea on how much that would cost? Next year I'll add the goats (or a cow depending on which milk we decide on) to that pasture when I buy them! LOL
I need to get a pre-approval letter tomorrow but I'm looking for a loan with a looooow interest rate and no closing costs. Can anyone help me please? Point me in the right direction? TIA
I love love love the dolls at www.dancingraindolls.com but DH doesn't want me to buy from any site that sells gnomes, fairies, etc. Do any of you sell or know of anyone that sells beautiful cotton/wool dolls w/o the fairy stuff on their site? I really want to buy my DD a doll soon!
but one that isn't called a "waldorf" doll? I just really want to be a natural fiber doll for dd. Any ideas?
My three month old seems to be teething, if you can believe that! LOL He likes to chew on my fingers, but I want to find a toy he can gnaw on too. I saw the Haba teethers but they have paint and I don't know what's in the paint, if the wood is treated, etc.!! Any ideas of where/what to buy? Thanks!
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