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Have you looked into using Charlie's soap (it's a detergent though) because it rinses completely out. I think some stink is from pee activating the dried in laundry detergent.
How many times do I need to wash hemp to get my new prefolds/doublers ready to use? Whenever I've prepped cotton diapers in the past, I've always washed and dried about 3 cycles. Is drying even necessary?? Please say no because I have a feeling hemp will take 5 washes and with 5 drying cycles, that will take all day!! I can't wait to try these diapers out! I love new diapers!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by rmzbm I have no idea if it's stressful for the newborn, but I didn't do it because it was stressful for me! Hands off! That's how I feel! LOL I worry about dirty fingers going into the baby's mouth, people not supporting the head, etc. Plus I just miss my baby when someone else has him/her!
Do you think that letting other people (other than mom, dad and siblings) hold a newborn is stressful for him? This is something I've wondering about for years. I know that allowing others to hold your baby is a common practice, but I wonder if it is detrimental? The baby has been in a mother's womb and knows her scent and sound. So I imagine it would be incredibly stressful for a newborn to be held by a nurse at the hospital, friends of the family, or even some...
Quote: Originally Posted by GalateaDunkel it seems like you are trying to be very conciliatory with people by trying to get them to say that they want what you want. You raise a good point. With DH, if something is not his decision though, and he does something just because I want him to, then he gets resentful and angry about complying with what I asked if he doesn't agree with it. So that makes for an ugly situation as well. You...
[QUOTE=andrea Or are only rude size comments inappropriate towards larger people? Double standard anyone?[/QUOTE] Uhhh, never said I'm overweight. I have a medium build. The weight comments have to do with my pregnant belly. Personally I just don't think it's appropriate to make judgments about someone's looks unless it's a compliment but even those are iffy.
Know what bugs me, "How are you feeling?" I know they mean well but it's like pregnancy is an illness.
28 weeks today.
I took it with my second and found it lacking. The scripts are very short. But we did not end up using it during labor anyhow. LOL It was very very expensive too.
Quote: Originally Posted by GalateaDunkel Your first task is to get DH on the same page and make sure he understands why this is important...then you present a united front. I tried to bring this up for the first time this pregnancy last night to Dh and he got really annoyed and blew me off. Grrr. I just asked when he thought he'd like to have visitors after the birth. And then he said, "Oh no, not this again!" And acted all irritated and...
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