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This is our first year and I have a child that LOVES to learn. I want to use Math U See and Sing, Spell, Read and Write. We'll supplement with library story books and fun activities. Does that sound like enough? I'm a bit afraid about submitting my plans to the local school district. I wonder if you can get denied. : I don't want KG to be rigid. I want to keep it light and fun. DS loves math and would thrive on doing worksheet after worksheet. LOL The SWRW is...
After reading way too much on here about how to handle the nighttime diapering issue for heavy heavy heavy wetters, I have decided to get my DD a Little Beetles hemp fitted along with their doublers and a wool cover. I hope this works!!! She's 2.5 years old and pees like crazy at time! Now which wool cover/soak to get? And if you can think of a better suggestion for a diaper than the LB, I'm all ears!
I'm using a fitted thirsties diaper sometimes with an infant CPF as a doubler and a prorap cover and it's still not enough. DD wakes up completely soaked! She had a little bit of pee on the sheets this morning too. Ugh. What can I do for the child that has endless amounts of overnight pee? : At this point, I'm willing ot spend whatever it takes so she can sleep comfortably and I don't have to keep changing the sheets! She's even overflown disposables at night!!
I know this book is highly recommended in the HB community but I'm not sure why. I just do not care for it. From my perspective, Gaskin seems too big on intervening.. too medicialized. Are others getting that from this book or is it just me?
Annarosa! I've been meaning to ask you what they do in Norway if the baby does get GBS? Do they immediately give him antibiotics? I wonder if some of these pregnancy diseases are used to scare women into going to an OB maybe, to thinking an OB is necessary for a healthy baby? Because it surely makes me question whether I should get tested, etc.
I hate labels because then "it" becomes all about some arbitrary rules. LOL But... FWIW, I'd call that a UC.
What exactly is microfiber? Or microterry for that matter?!
Another diaper question from me! LOL I bought dd some fitted diapers for overnight and she's drenched by the morning. I was thinking of buy either a hemp fitted or hemp doublers to help with absorbency because I've read it's very absorbent. Any opinions about what to do in this situation? And what is the best brand? I want something that works well!
I bought a bunch of the newborn kissaluvs and I'm hoping this baby can stay in them until 4 months, but I realize I'll need a lil something extra for absorbency. What kind of doubler do you mamas recommend? I've thought about sewing my own out of hemp fabric but I don't have a serger and that would probably be necessary. Does anyone know what fits well in the size 0s?
How do fellow UCers handle this? Do you just treat yourself like you have it? Or do you go to a doctor and test? I feel like I've come to a roadblock in my UC. I'm not sure how to proceed. While the newborn getting the GBS sounds very unlikely, it's still a possibility if I have it and the consequences can be tragic. I'm not sure what to do.
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