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Where did you get the hemp fitted? I've only seen the Thirsties Cotton! Do you remember how much they cost? TIA
I've decided to buy fitted for my new baby! I want something super absorbent and that does not leak poo! Here is what I'm considering and I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE your thoughts because I'm so reluctant to spend a couple hundred dollars on diapers if they won't end up working. Of course, I'd like the diapers now so I'm all prepared for when baby comes. These are all fitted diapers: swaddlebees heiney huggers kissaluv Under the Nile Green Mountain Fitted -...
Does anyone know of a UC quiz online that can test my knowledge? Not so much a midwifery test but just basically questions about what to do in certain situations, stages of labor, etc.
Bump! I'm curious too! They seem priced very cheaply and that's a plus! Did you end up buying those, BethHG?
Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital I had a 10 pound baby who was in size small FBs at 3 weeks old. We used KL 0s but he always peed out of them right from the start. I liked the snap-down front for his umbilical stump but even with doublers it was not working. Next baby I will probably go with some heavier duty fitteds with wool soakers until they fit into small FBs. What do you consider to be heavy duty fitted? That's what I need!
Bump. I wanna know too!
What do you all think of these? They are CHEAP! Only $6.50 for a fitted! I wonder how absorbent they really are and how they compare to Kissaluvs. Here is a linky: http://www.babycottonbottoms.com/fit..._contoured.htm Any thoughts? I decided to bite the bullet and just buy some fitted for the newborns!
Does anyone have the phone number for proraps? I've read you can buy seconds from them really cheap!
I have 3 dozen of the newborn DSQ chinese prefolds that I want to make work with some covers. I prefer not to buy new diapers, just better suited covers. I used those diapers with bummis SWW when dd was a newborn and if she was lying on her side, the pee just ran out! : I think I need something with snug leg gussets but nothing uncomfortable for baby. Is there a cover that can contain leaks and prevent blow outs? I've tried bumpkins and did not like those...
Actually I'm planning to UC for several reasons, but I think that will be very healing for me to be alone so I wouldn't feel vulnerable. Of course I won't know if I'd like that until it's labor time but that is the current plan. If I was birthing in a different way, I would DEFINITELY get a good doula though! I remember at the second birth seeing my midwife's chubby fingers and it just triggered something for me and freaked me out. So I think being alone will be a good...
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