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Dr Kupperburg is really great. We started seeing him over a year ago.  He is in Foster.  I didn't really care for him much when I first met with him before changing drs. but I read so many reviews of people saying how much they liked him and how much their kids liked him so we gave him a chance and I think I just had a bad first meeting.  If Foster is not too far for you to go then you should meet with him and see what you think. I have also switched to Dr Kupperburg as...
any spots yet? How long does it usually take to start showing up?
I don't know if RI is different but I am in a similar situation with registering my daughter for kindergarten.  I called the school and went an picked up a form that I have to fill out for the religious exemption, so you might have to get a form also.   It asks you what vaccines you are not getting.  From what I've been told they want to know what your child is not vaccinated against so if there is an outbreak of something they will be unable to attend school for some...
I'm looking for a primary care dr for myself and wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations? There are so many dr's out there I don't know where to start.  
I am registering my daughter for kindergarten soon and we don't fully vaccinate.  I am planning on using the religious exemption form, Do any of you have experience with this in Coventry? or anywhere in RI.  Will I run into any problems with this while she is in school? The only thing I was told was if there is an outbreak of something she isn't vaccinated against that she would have to stay home for some period of time.  
mylilmonkeys, i don't have netflix, but maybe i could get a dvd and try that.  I'm very lazy tho, it takes a while for me to get motivated to exercise.  I guess I just need to start doing it.
I am now down to about 116 with nothing on.  I'm pretty happy with the number but I have some  areas that I would like to tone so I have to find some exercises that I can stick with.  Any advice?
When I was young I went to Dr. Clyde Haworth in Cumberland.  He sees adults and children.  I don't have any bad memory of my visits to him so he could be one you could try out.  
I'm looking for a female pediatrician for my 4 year old daughter around Coventry, within 30 minutes driving time.   We started seeing Dr. Kupperberg over 6 months ago, and have a couple appts with him for dd2 and ds1.  We really like him but my almost 5 year old daughter absolutely does not want a male doctor so before she goes to her 5 yr appt I would like to find a female dr for her.  We would like someone who is ok with selective vax. Any recommendations?
i brought my dd1 who is 4 to dr. italiane decubelis in coventry.  it was a good first experience, they were great with her so i made myself an appt there.  I saw a different dentist than my daughter did and felt like i was being pushed into a root canal.  my mouth feels totally fine, i have no discomfort and no reason to think i would need such an expensive procedure but they wanted me to schedule one right away.  so anyway that was our last time going there.  that was 4...
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