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To those that haven't been approved on the AP Village: You have to post an intro thread :)
If I had to cut my stash down to 2 I'd have 2 woven wraps, a long one and a short one
isn't front facing a baby that young illegal? im pretty sure it is here.
I wouldn't reccomend St Ann's. We had a horrible experiance there with an epidural-pushing l&d nurse and a formula pushing pp nurse. We won't be going back.
Ladies, I think we all need to take a step back. The OP came here to be joyous about baby carriers in a forum about baby carriers. Not to bad-talk stroller moms, and not to get reccomendations for another carrier and have people trash talk about the one she is using now. OP, I think it's great that you love babywearing and choose to forgo the stroller. I'm another one who feels too far away from my baby when she's in one.
Your baby will let you know if they are uncomfortable. I'd say wear them as long as you're both happy
that's not only betraying the child's trust, but also making a total mess for the workers at the store to put back. that is positively rude!
at the aquarium standing up! Bella turned 8 months on the 3rd. Shes crawling at the speed of light and standing all the time! She's also cruising along the side of the couch.
bali breeze are gauze wraps, not woven. they're more supportive than a stretchy, but not as comfortable as a woven. it would be great to learn some carries with without spending too much $
If you want *one* carrier to do all of these things, it would for sure be a woven wrap. i've found that mei tais arent very comfortable for very long, and with an ergo or beco youd have to adjust the straps when switching between you and your dh, and to me that sounds like it would be annoying.
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