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Sorry to  not reply for so long - thank you all for the input.   We have one now & have used it twice.  I don't like it & DS doesn't "get" it.  But, we'll keep it & use it when their aunt wants to see them.  It's fine, I guess!   I knew I was being too paranoid.  It's tough, though, when you start googling & all sorts of scary stuff pops up!  I will teach my kids safety & try to think about it realistically. :)  
I need another perspective!  Should we get a webcam or not?   Honestly, DP & I both really don't want one & have no immediate use for one.  The only thing we would use it for is to talk/see DP's sister, who lives far from us.  She really wants us to have one so she can see our kids more often than when she visits.   My first reaction was no, but now I'm starting to wonder if my reasons are valid & if we should just get one.  The reasons I don't want one are...
DD is 6 weeks - we had planned to start cloth when she was ~1month, she has been in sposies since birth. She was diagnosed with oral thrush 3 weeks ago & has had no change (we're treating it, but still trying to figure out a remedy). She has no symptoms of a yeast diaper rash & I have no symptoms of thrush on my breasts - it is only in her mouth. So, can I cloth diaper her or do I risk getting yeast in the diapers?  I don't really want to deal with yeasty dipes as...
New baby DD arrived July 19.  She was 7# 13.4oz, 21".  I will add a whole story soon.  She is doing great - eats & poops all the time!
Congrats!  I hope the bf-ing gets better for you.
That is a fast birth!!  Great pictures, too.  Congratulations!
Congrats!  Glad he decided to come out without the c/s.
LeaPea - you sound exactly like me!  I am 41 weeks today with second baby.  I, too, thought this one would be early - so it seems like it is even later than it really is!!  I spent most of today crying b/c all my anxieties about the birth, adding a second child, being post-dates, etc. are just becoming too much.  My poor DS - he probably wants this baby to come out as much as I do, if just so his mama will go back to normal!
I'm still here . . . waiting!  EDD was a week ago - am 41 weeks today.  Induction is scheduled, so the end is coming, I guess!  
Congrats fruitfulmomma!    I had my 40w2d appt yesterday.  They did the fetal monitor for 20 min - everything looked good.  Midwife checked me - I was 3cm, 50%, baby was -2.  So, things are starting, but not very far at all.  We scheduled an induction for next Thursday (41w2d).  I really hope we don't get that far.
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