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I feel your pain.   Yes, I have risk factors. They are mostly under control. I've had ridiculously simple births in the past (with most of the same factors) but very much wanted to do genetic screening this time around because my last child was born wiht a rare chromosome disorder (smaller gene area affected than DS, but much more profound effects on learning, speech, etc.) I'm hypothyroid, that's the one thing that isn't totally in range. The first half of the...
pulled a tummy muscle coughing. Ow. Threw my back out but my PT fixed that.   I'm so freakin' DONE with this. But it's not done with me. 
And the dangers of birthing unnecessarily early due to inaccurate dating are also real, and frequently underestimated. Caregivers should not dismiss out of hand women's knowledge of their own cycles, when it is there. 
some stupid lung crud, been to ER (USELESS) and urgent care (at least they gave abx) but it's a dual thing, viral and bacterial, so the antibiotics only did so much. They did help, but I'm still coughing up green gunk and flattened as flat as a 34 week preggo can be flat.    I had whooping cough last pregnancy, and was all grateful I couldn't get it again. So what do I get? Death lung plague from hades.    Points for self care: I have a home oximeter, so at least...
Oh, look what I found! The baby in there? Is me. Wedged in with towels so I wouldn't fall out the leg holes at 2 months old. That's my dad.   And here's my husband, with our daughter, Shiny.
I was hoping to find out what the hard-sided birth pools use, but I'm terribly worried it's going to be "spa heater" which is a $500 item. It just seems like it shouldn't be that complicated.   On the other hand, researching this has shown me things I'd never have believed existed, like hot tub heaters cobbled together out of a barbecue grill and a copper manifold. O.O Yeah, not heating the birth tub with propane.   
Bumping, with some questions and comments:   1. I'm really disappointed in the "you won't need a heater, just empty some out and refill" answer. At my last birth, I managed, with some 5 gallon bakery buckets and a creative piece of pvc pipe with a wad of duct tape on the end, to maintain the temp manually, but my tub was IN my kitchen, so with the pipe, I could reach the faucet and nudge it on or off as needed. BUT... we're in a different house now. That won't be...
Now that we're not low income, we pay 1300 per month for health insurance. SERIOUSLY. But it's worth it, because otherwise my meds would be about 4500 per month. Not to mention the doctor costs, etc. Crazy. 
That's absolutely amazing. ANYTHING that makes the process smoother in the event of transport is good, and having a doctor working together with midwives in a home environment? That almost never, ever happens, anywhere, and if it's available to you for a twin homebirth? Color me astonished. I'm living in one of the more liberal places in the US for homebirth, and even here there are no doctors I know of who will touch homebirth with a 10 foot pole. They'll take transfers...
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