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I started feeling movement with this one around 10 weeks (2nd pregnancy). Now at 15 weeks I'm feeling regular rolling movements, like the baby is doing flips.
Strawberry pop-tarts. I was so stuck on them with DD that my co-workers gave me 6 boxes of them. And I ate every single one. This time around...exact same thing. I can't figure out why, but they are SO good...
DD has suddenly become attached to a stuffed giraffe - I think she's found her lovey. I thought I would be thrilled, but I had to hold back tears when she curled up with it and fell asleep tonight. I felt like I had been replaced! She also went to her first swim lesson last week with DH. I cried when they left because she was experiencing a 'first' without me for the first time . She's not my itty-bitty baby anymore! Where is the pause button??
The Box Car Children! I LOVED those books! I wonder if I can still find them and start building a collection for my kids. Are you able to nurse in your Maya sling? I'm trying to find the best carrier to nurse in on-the-go and that one's grabbed my attention. Does it work well for newborns and toddlers? I have a Moby wrap and a Mei Tei right now. The Moby was great, but only until DD was about 6 months.
Quote: Hmmm...I'm going to pick that one up. My parents weren't the best parenting models. Yeah, I had some flashbacks reading some of the scenarios, and I could see myself doing some of these things out of habit/desperation/exhaustion. It was eye-opening for me. I'm really glad I have some alternatives to try.
Quote: how is siblings without rivalry? I feel like I need to prepare DS somehow for a new baby. I like it. I has a lot of really good information about things parents commonly do that sparks or feeds into sibling rivalry. For example, using one kids strength to try to motivate the sibling ("Mary keeps her room so clean! Do you think you could do the same thing?") and other things that I think parents do without realizing the potential effect. The...
I'm in the middle of reading 'Siblings without Rivalry' and ordered 'Adventures in Tandem Nursing'. It's not a book, but I've also been spending a lot of time on the Baby Bunching website.
I'm anxious too - I want to know if I need to redo the nursery in a more gender neutral theme and I want to buy some cute fleece diaper covers I found. I would totally put a little boy in a pink diaper cover if that's the one I like but I think DH might have a panic attack . Plus, I'm completely stumped on girls names this time around, so it would be good to know if we can forget it or really start searching.
That's very cool that you and your DP both work from home. I'd love to see some of your jewelry too!
Oh man - me too, and it's annoying. I'm constantly in front of the fridge and never happy with what I find. If we leave the house it's a guarantee we're stopping somewhere for food. I haven't gained a pound yet, which is kinda weird. Where's all this food going???
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