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Quote: Originally Posted by InchByInch LOL! How funny! By the way, I just noticed you're due to have a little one very, very soon-- congratulations!!! Thanks, we're really excited!
Yeah! that's the book!
Quote: Originally Posted by InchByInch This might sound a little strange, but if you have trouble getting the words out in a debate, can you guys talk about it via e-mail? That way you can be articulate, you have time to research your answers, you can both say everything you want to say without being interrupted, and you have the added bonus of not having a heated discussion in front of the kid(s). It's just a thought. I do have a question for you,...
I know how you feel. I'm going through the same problem. My husband was agnostic (raised methodist) when we got married and said he would not mind at all if I raise the kids Catholic. Now just recently after he came back from a 3 month deployment, I learned he went to atheism, finds Catholicism pretty much as an "evil organization", and is scared that the kids would just be lied to if we take them to CCD. I'm a practicing Catholic and very active, helping with the ministry...
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