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I haven't been to mothering in a long while. I need to be able to edit my signature and remove some personal information. But the whole website has changed since the last time I was here, and I can't find a way to access my signature. Please help!
Thanks! I guess we'll just play games and use a combination of some cheap workbooks and the Math Mammoth samples, until the Homeschool Buyers Co-op runs the sale. :)
Thanks for the responses! It sounds like the best course of action would be to wait and see if they run it at 40% on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Is there any reason why I would not be able to use this as a primary math curriculum?
I'm more of the type to print out just what we need. I have downloaded the sample pages. They seem to work pretty well for us. Though, we've only done a few of the worksheets. I guess I also like the idea that I can use what I need/ want for my oldest, as well as use it again later for my youngest.
I'm one click away from purchasing the complete Math Mammoth curriculum (Light Blue series on CD)... So please talk me into it or out of it. They are having a sale right now, which means I can get 20% off of whatever I buy. My DD's going on 8, but she's a little behind in math because we've been primarily focusing on reading (which she was also behind in.) She has a basic understanding of many of the 1st grade concepts, but I think it would help her to go over everything...
I'm curious about this too. I got a Kodak printer a little over a year ago because I thought they were supposed to be better on it. While the ink *is* cheaper than with most printers, I feel like it runs out way quicker too. I just can't figure it out. I need to find some thrifty way of obtaining ink, though, because we homeschool and print a LOT.
Sorry. Wrong thread!
I'm sort of in the same boat. I'm trying like crazy to figure out what to do for math. We covered a lot of topics over the past year... but we did them loosely. Our heavy focus has been on reading, since my daughter is still struggling with that. From what we've done, I can see that math is something my daughter might excel at. I just need to figure out how to present it to her properly.   I mean, I can teach the individual concepts myself. I can find worksheets for...
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