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I had a lot of blood work done recently, and these are the test results that came back as "out of normal range" HGB: 8.2 HCT: 26.8 MCV: 60 MCH: 18.4 MCHC 30.6 RDW: 18.6 Sedimentation Rate: 45 Protein: 8.8 ALT: 29 TIBC: 510 Iron Saturation: 3 Ferritin: 2 It also said these were present (and abnormal): Hypochromia Microcytic Anisocytosis Poikilocytosis Ovalocytes
If you do not go to the follow up visits, you probably should expect a visit from CPS. It sounds like this Dr. is very concerned... I would not take that lightly. (We do not do well baby visits, and my oldest hasn't seen a dr. in 4 or more years... however, if i was concerned about asthma, i would do everything the dr. recommended)
I was very happy to see this on our news today http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/90128767.html
I think it's fine with a child who can wake Dad up if they need him.
#1 - 43 weeks, 9 lbs 7 oz. #2 - 38 weeks (exactly) 10 lbs 3 oz #3 - 36 weeks (exactly) 6 lbs 10 oz
If your children are going to the extremes you say they are to get food, something is definitely "wrong" ... and not with the children. You admit your children are hungry... feed them more. Problem solved.
Can someone have lupus without the joint paint? I have all of the signs, except the joint pain/swelling.
My first semester back in 4 years... Intro. to Social Work Intro. to Sociology Algebra English
That sounds exactly like a staph (MRSA) infection.
If you have not witnessed these things youself, do not call. You will be asked the dates and times you witnessed these events (along with full names of both parents and their address). It would be much better for someone who has actually seen it to make the call (your friend).
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