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we just got some Bioglan kids smart, has anyone used this brand before? opinions?
Bioglan fish oil for kids? Is it a good one?
I always get confused by this and end up not buying anything! So can someone remind me- what is the seafood to avoid completly and what is ok to buy and eat both for human health and enviromental health? thanks!
how do you make it? I have pearled barely, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, mushrooms and stewed tomatos and I am thinking this would make a good soup just not sure about the barely part...do I need to precook that or do you think i can just throw everything in the pot and cook for about an hour or so? thanks :)
just have a couple questions for you guys though, the eggs are small and kinda pale, I assume it's just b/c it's there first ones but are these good to eat still? also do we wash them before using them? thanks!
thank you for all the suggestions. I think ill pick up some Kefir nxt time I do my shopping and look into those supplements mentioned too. I just have one more question: my kids have pretty healthy digestions, would they still benefit from probiotic or should I just concentrate on a good multivit. and fish oil for them for now? they currently dont take any supplements and I sometimes worry they should. they eat anything I put in front of them including fish, all veggies,...
We got them June 1st as little chicks (i'm guessing just born?) and they are a mix of breeds- NH reds, barred rocks, buff orps. aracanas (sp) and black sex links. We live in NH so i'm also afraid they wont lay at all until spring again b/c I do know that sometimes chickens will stop laying in the colder months. Do you think they will start soon and then stop for the winter? or will they just hold off until winters over all together?? they get good outside time and have a...
I saw Kefir today and almost bought some to try! What is the recommended amount to drink per day?
I want to start taking a probiotic for my stomach. I have bad digestive problems and have heard probiotics can help with that but want to get the right kind and brand. any suggestions? Also is it good for immunity? I'm wondering if I should get my kids taking it too? they are 4 and 2 1/2 years so would they take the same one as me or are there kid versions? thanks for your help with this
another non-caf but Polar puts out a new "soda" that I love called Fruit Appeal. they have like 5 flavors and it's great! only like 12g of sugar and has the fizzyness I crave! totally satisfies my soda craving and I dont feel too bad drinking it
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