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Cheez balls for sure! I had forgotten about those! We used to eat them while we watched "Full House" on friday nights Also Welch's (I think that was the brand?) juice treats that were shaped like little half circles and each box was just one flavor- either grape, orange or cherry flavored.
I had this question too and still haven't really figured anything out. My two toddlers did get a multivit prescription from their ped. but she added flouride to it and im not so sure about giving them flouride like that :/ So I havent been giving them anything and thinking they are getting all they need b/c they are such good eaters but I dont really know? I did give them a Vit D chewable the other day (Natures plus brand) but it made my 3 yo seem more hyper and she was...
I made beef stew the other day and just added black beans to it to draw it out a bit longer. It was good and more filling too Also I have a recipe that we call rabbit stew that is just hamburger, stewed tomatos, onion, bacon, beans and anything else you have in the fridge. All cooked in a covered pan on the stove. I dont know why it has been called rabbit stew, its a passed down recipe, but its pretty good!
would you let your child be b4 turning them? my daughter has just turned 3 and is 33-34lbs (depending on the scale) with clothes that she would wear while in the car. I thought I should turn her ffing b/c it was so close to the limit and dont have a scale to wiegh her everyday. Now I am second guessing myself and wishing she was still rfing. Did I make the right choice? I wish I had an extra 250$ to just buy a 45lb radian and not have to worry about it until she was 4...
Because I saw another post about venison on this board i figured it might be a good place to post this question. Someone gave us about 5 cuts that were vacuum sealed Nov. 4 2008. I'm going with they are still good but want to make sure. Also my husband kept them in just a fridge all day at work and they thawed out so I also need to come up with a recipe that calls for 5 lbs of venison! im thinking it's jerky time
can you keep homemade spaghetti sauce in just the fridge? We just had spaghetti with homemade sauce for dinner and I pureed the leftover sauce for pizza night on friday or saturday- do you think the sauce still be good by then? I am thinking yes but just wanted some second opinions on this one Thanks!
thank you! one more question- how long can I keep the leftover chicken before making soup out of it?
I have to admit ive never made chicken soup so I have no idea! I have a whole chicken I am going to bake tonight for supper. How can I make this into soup the next day?
Quote: Originally Posted by Evie's Mama When I do oatmeal I just buy organic rolled oats from the bulk bins. I soak 1 c. oats, 2 T yogurt, and 1 c. warm water overnight. In the morning I boil 1 c. water with a dash of salt and then pour in the oat mixture. Boil for a few minutes. I eat it with a little maple syrup and cinnamon or applesauce. Would that work for steel cut oatmeal too? I just got some of that to try but I think it...
I'm making my first batch of beef jerky and was hoping some could offer me some techniques and tips. I made a marinade and cut the beef in strips that are a little more than 1/8" thick, as thin as I could cut them. My questions are, what do you usually marinade it in? how long does it need to marinade? how long does it need to dehydrate (I have a dehydrator) how do you know when it's done? how long and how do you store the finished jerky? So pretty much looking for any...
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