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i'm in the same boat with the Facebook thing. I thought maybe after i met the guy I found on OKC i'd feel more comfortable adding him but I dont know, I am picky about FB friends (I only have 88!) and am wondering if this guy is just passing through my life anyway what's the point of putting him on there. This is all probably not worth thinking of anymore anyway b/c I haven't really heard from him since our date friday night so i'm thinking he wasnt all that into me?
Ok so I went on a date...now what? :) I had dinner last night with someone I met online and had been talking with for about 2 weeks or more. We stayed at the restaurant for about 2 and a half hours talking and I had a good time and wouldn't mind seeing him again. We parted with me saying something like "so we'll talk soon then?" and he responded with some kind of yes answer but i'm not really sure if he was really into the date or not? He did most of the talking just b/c...
yep, sometimes it can be just for fun! I've got a drink date tomorrow night and i'm not too sure if we are going to click or if it's just too early for me to be seeing other guys but I like the excited/nervous feeling I have right now about it and i'm pretty sure i'll enjoy at least some of the date if not all of it and maybe get a free drink out of it ;)    
hmm interesting. I'm in no way a naive person to the way the world is but I guess I just didn't think of everything! He actually does know some people that I know of from my home town oddly enough, well not too odd, NH is a small state! So that makes me feel a bit better but I still plan to be careful.
thanks for the tips. I think right now the plan is dinner, is that a bad idea? I'm really only free for evening type stuff and dinner is kind of a typical first date type thing so I think it was kind of assumed that's what we would do. Also i'm fairly new to the area and don't ever go anywhere except the grocery store and library with my kids so I dont have any familiar hang out, meetup type spots that i'd be very familiar with :/ Is this just a bad idea altogether? I'm...
mimim- I have been reading your post and I have to agree with the other ladies, i'd probably leave it at that and just move on to the next!   I wanted to also ask another question to everyone on here- so I think I decided to try a meetup with this guy I "met" on OKC, I have never done a blind date before especially with someone I have no mutual connection to (meaning I dont know anyone he knows and vice versa) and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on the best way...
ok I gotta dating type question and this seemed like a good thread for it! I mentioned in other posts that my ex is soooo not over "us" and being with me. Well I am- 100%, I know I am and I know I have been for a long time I just finally got the opportunity and nerve to end it only 2 months ago. So I live in a fairly new place (only been here 10 months) and am 2 hours away from my family and my closest friends are about an hour away so basically I am alone with my 2...
yikes! now that makes me want to delete my profile and just stay lonely! :)
oooo good plan, I wish I had more nerve to do that but im so shy and unsure of myself that I really am no good at this dating stuff!
ok, question for all you who have used OKCupid- when someone does send you a message and you read there profile and just aren't interested do you write back a message or do you think it is better to just not write anything?
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