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D, I will PM you. thanks.
Hi all... I havent been around MDC for a very long time now... and here I am searching for parenting tips with for me and my two ds's... I came out to dh in June of '07... Moved out of the family home in December '07... filing for divorce soon...waiting on some tax stuff. It has been hell. My oldest ds who is 9.5 is angry... DH informed him of all kinds of things he should of never shared with him. Per our therapist... we were working on a plan to tell the...
Hi Ladies!!!! Haven't been around since summer time....I am still doing WW. stat weight: 230 current: 159.4 goal: 140.0 You are right....WE ARE WORTH IT!!!! I have 9.4 pounds to go until I start training to be a leader for WW!!! Going back to read posts.....
the second recipe is very close to what I make.. I also add celery. HTH....
Im here, Im here!!!! Only a couple days until school starts for the kids...and I will have a bit of time to actually read and post in this thread!!! I have missed being here.... No weight gain...none lost.... which is fine for now... I am back to consistancy and journaling my food.....which is always the key for me. Hope everyone is doing well....when I have a chance I will catch up!!!!
it is always so wonderful to come here and read about all of your progess!!!! SOmetimes I sit here and read the post and cry!!! I am so proud of each of you!!! I know how hard this journey is!!!!! all around
About the bra issue....Girl I am with ya on that one!!!! Champion brand is the best I have found so far.... just an FYI. Well, lets see....in June, things were really rocky in my marriage and we almost split up (still might) and I lost 10 pounds from stress....not from eating all of my points, etc... In July I really wanted to maintain and not loose because of my stress, etc...I am now at the point where I am ready to loose again. I never stopped attending meetings...
Sorry I have been MIA! Summer is soooo hard for me to stay current on the boards.... I am at 162...that is a total of 68 pounds.... I haven't lost much this past month...however I am maintaining... 22 more to go!!!! How is everyone else doing!!!!???? I started training for my first sprint triathalon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone!
Quote: Originally Posted by crayolaab OK, I looked in my book again - it says 2 points for 1/2 cup of skim milk, which means 8 points for 2 cups, right? I have always said 2 points for 1 cup of skim milk! Hope that helps!
I get it!!!! Hope your grogginess passes!!!
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