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Kind of an older post but I just saw this and totally agree. I'm in Durango and while it's not really a super religious environment anyway... the easiest way to really get plugged in it seems is church!! I am super jealous of that fellowship and networking. It's taken me just about the whole time I've lived here (3 years!) to find a Moms group and I am having some success with that (though it's mostly SAHMs so most stuff that is planned occurs when I'm working, naturally!)...
Well they (ILs) aren't that hardcore as in like, legalistic, but they are hardcore in that without a shadow of a doubt they feel like 'know' the truth personally and there is no reason for doubt. At this point (at his age) it's definitely not a "this is the only right way" but more like she's stating truths (to her) like "god made us." Which kind of makes me gag, but it's a relatively minor infraction than what she could be doing/saying/teaching him. Now of course I don't...
Yeah I say the same, continue to offer a wide variety of healthy things and if he's always been thin, he may be putting on some weight before going through a major growth spurt and growing some height wise. I wouldn't fear so long as you are mostly staying away from empty calories (no more than 6 oz. juice a day, etc.).
I did get him to take a bit of Floradix at dinnertime tonight, I drank my dose and then he did end up drinking some, maybe 5mL which would be 5 mg, not too bad.   I searched on Amazon and found 1 or 2 different gummie iron supplements for the Vegan crowd so maybe after our Floradix runs out I will get one of those, it just might be simplier and I *know* he will eat it.
Does anyone give an iron supplement to their toddler? We went Vegetarian about 3 months ago and while I know there are veggie sources of iron I'm pretty sure he is not eating enough to get the full amount per day. I know you can give Floradix but I have yet to convince him (he's 3.5 yrs old btw) to really consistently drink it every day. He LOVES his gummy vitamins so I wish there was something like that out there, can anyone give me a name of something edible like that he...
Thought you guys may get a kick out of this. So DH's parents are pretty religious and recently DS has been known to say "God made me/us." DH and I are like totally rolling our eyes and we don't make an issue of it (with him) except to say "Mommy made you." He usually says "oh yeah, in her belly...". We haven't yet said anything to MIL but I KNOW she totally feels like she 'failed' DH because he didn't end up a Christian and now since she helps with DS (he is 3.5 yrs old...
I have greatly enjoyed reading all the responses for sure!! Thanks for posting them, it's really interesting to see where we all came from.
I LOVE the tea tree idea!!! How did you go about doing that?   Enjoyed reading the posts thus far! :)    We decorated our tree tonight and DS enjoyed that.
That's a great story @chocolove !! Thanks for sharing! Glad your Mom came around and I agree with you about how our love for our children shouldn't be based on their achievements! Good way to put it.
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