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here's what we did. It similar to what has been described here by Leta. I love it, and haven't had any problems. I still imagine getting a binder for the cover art so that we can flip through it, but that hasn't happened yet. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...3&postcount=10
so....I can't help but wonder, as I read about smash cakes, if this family is, well, lacking common sense? I mean, it sounds like they've see lots of pictures of first birthdays where the baby is all messy and covered in cake, never actually attended one and so didn't really reach the correct conclusion on just how baby got that way. It sounds to me that they thought someone helped. Weird and awful and just *duh*.
Quote: Originally Posted by lorijds Hey, when you get the first year of Battlestar Galactica, make sure you start out with the miniseries. That is a two part, four hour (I think) introduction to the storyline. It really sets the stage. I think the first season should have it in there; but you might want to double check. This is why I haven't watched it yet. Because I can NOT figure out how to get it through netflix. I can't figure out if...
Definitely Sex and the City. Alias has been my favorite workout show so far but some other good ones have been Buffy and Smallville. I *just* started Torchwood a couple of days ago and I'm thinking it will be a great workout show. But I'm only a couple of eps in, so I can't be positive on that one at all.
I actually really like both of the new fabrics and will also admit that I don't really think I have an eye for choosing these things, so I'm not sure I'm any help on that part. BUT, The other problem you mentioned totally made me think of a blag that I love, The Nesting Place. She does lots of really cool, really simple things with windows that she calls MIStreatments. Anyway, you can search the blog for that, mistreatments, but here were some pictures of the kind...
Quote: Originally Posted by FormerlyKnownAs Zippered Lingerie Bags- toys (especially bath toys), reusable produce bags, holders of potatoes and onions (they hang from cup hooks on the underside of the bottom shelf of our pantry). This is probably one of the BEST ideas I ever heard: the lingerie bags for potatoes and onions. Thank you! I love it!
Quote: Originally Posted by notwonamesalike Here are a few from our living room. I'll post more when I have some time. http://flickr.com/photos/33919766@N0...7612536176392/ Oh yeah, this one is totally inspiring to me! I was working on cleaning the living room when I saw this and I totally made box of things to go to Salvation Army! beautiful
Oh Calidris....words aren't enough. I am SO saddened to hear of this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I really love your kitchen Amy!
we really like our tracfone and I personally prefer the monthly plan that they have now. I have $5 taken out of my account automatically each month if I am not in need of minutes and if I need minutes, I can easily switch to a $10 plan, get a month access and 50 minutes and then switch back to the $5/month. I've found it to be really easy and really cheap.
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