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I have signed up for the Newsletter, am following Lunapads on Twitter and/or Facebook, and am ready to take the Lunapads  Challenge!
I was thinking the same as Beebalmmama. Most elementary schools in my area have fenced play yards. Of course this won't work when the kids are in school...
Both are done! My son has a really cheap mattress- would love to win this!!
We've had our son in the toddler bed for about a month now and it works great! He still sleeps in our bed after his first few hours, but he naps in there too. I like that he can get out when he needs to. Ours is also Montessori inspired as this is similar to what he does at school.
Dinosaur Train and Sid the Science Kid are the best ones for holding my son's (18mo) attention. Both are on PBS, but are available through Netflix streaming or regular. Both contain solid science info/concepts but are still really interesting for this age group (I am a science teacher, so I think they are super cute!!). Good luck on your long flight!!!
My son is 18 mo. I work full time as a teacher, and I pump anywhere from 2-5 oz/day. It is really hard to always pump, and I'm wondering if I need to continue. I know my son drinks the milk I pump at his school, but he also drinks cow milk too. One reason I haven't stopped pumping is that when I am home on the weekends he wants to nurse constantly. Will my daytime supply go away if I stop pumping (or reduce to just once/day)? Will the demand of the weekend be enough to...
Thank you for all the info in this thread! I have a business trip in a few months (2 maybe 3 nights), and I've been wondering if I need to try to do a little weaning before leaving. My son will be about 22 months when I go. Sounds like I don't need to worry- just bring pump as planned!
Yes, this sounds normal (at least normal as defined by me!). My 18 mo nurses constantly when I'm at home. I work full time, and I know he doesn't sip on a bottle all day at his school- so it must just be that he wants to snuggle and get a little snack. I love it though some days I do get a little tired of being a snack bar!
Thank you for this thread. Our 18mo hates getting his teeth brushed and we totally slack on doing it. I didn't realize such little kids could need dental surgery- this is the scare I need to get motivated to actually pin him down for a good brushing!
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