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Hoping that no update means that your baby is here! :) 
Do you mean Metformin? I have. It helped me lots. I got PG 11 months after starting it after 4 years of trying. Never O'd on my own without it. 
I just wanted to add that you may not feel how you think you will. I was really scared of being overwhelmed when I had my first because we were poor college students living in an efficiency apartment and all we could buy our baby was a carseat and pack-n-play to sleep in. I spent most of my first PG VERY stressed because I lived 3,000 miles away from family and had NO ONE. Literally not a single friend and was on bed rest, so I never even seen my family during my...
I get this too. It took us years to get PG with our second and was asked every 2 weeks if we were pregnant yet. Since I only have a cycle 3 X a year, this gets old and hurtful fast. Not to mention all the comments of how "It will happen as soon as we stop trying." That one is the worst. After we did get PG these same people would ask me if it was planned since we are both in college. Really??? Even though it's not a question I am always being told how the baby needs to...
I am mostly asked if we will be having another soon since this is our second boy and we HAVE to have a girl. I haven't even had this baby yet, and believe it or not, gender was not why we wanted a child.  I have actually told my aunt 4 times now that the baby is a boy and she still asks me "How are my girls doing?" every time she sees me. When I tell her again that he is a boy she says, "Well I just thought you would have a girl since you already have a boy, ya...
We have a Bruce and the new baby will likely be Max. I think they go together, but don't really 'match'
First off, I know that any smoke while you are PG (or anytime) is bad. That being said, I am really stressing myself about not being around family members my whole pregnancy because they all smoke. My sister is taking me to Red Lobster tomorrow for my birthday and will smoke in the car with me. I do roll my window down all the way, but how bad is being around that smoke (one cigg on the way there and one on the way back probably)? This REALLY stresses me out because I...
I started my son in cloth at 8 months, so newborn stage is new to me. I have TONS of super cute newborn clothes that were gifted to me. Were you able to put your baby into newborn or 0-3 months sized clothes with a cloth diaper? I am wondering if I should take back and exchange the things that still have tags on them for 3-6 months, but I do still want to use them when the baby is first born. Thanks 
No one told me that breastfeeding could/would be hard. That sometimes a baby just doesn't know how to latch on right, and because I was uneducated I didn't realize my baby wasn't doing it quite right. The result was bleeding, sore nipples and a strong desire to give up BFing. Thankfully we made it through thanks to a nipple shield to help me heal until by baby could latch right. 
No one told me that I would have a bunch of saggy extra skin on my belly afterwards. I knew that some people got stretch marks, and I was totally prepared for that, but I really struggled with the 'mother's apron'. 
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