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Awesome! What are the chances we're both in the same neighbourhood! LOL I'll PM you my email address so we can discuss more details...
Hi!   I live in Charleswood and will be going to U of M (so anything in between/close). It would begin officially in September but I'd love to start in August. 
Hello fellow Manitobans! I'm hoping someone here or someone you know will be interested in the following:     I'm hoping to find another mother who would be willing to swap childcare. I am returning to school in the fall of 2013 and will need someone to watch my son (who will be 1 year old at that time) 2-3 mornings per week (in my home or yours). I will watch your child(ren) for the same amount of time, days, evenings, weekends, whatever you need! I am...
Skin... After I had two children and lost all the weight, the skin eventually tightened back up FOUR YEARS LATER. So you will either be one of the lucky ones where it snaps right back or you won't. Just like MK said above.    I haven't started working out yet. I've been awful. I've been baking WAY too much - and eating what I bake. LOL Whatever. I don't care right now. My baby likes the extra comfy cushion. 
On Saturday, Dexter will be 2 months old!!!  How did that HAPPEN!?!? He is in size 6-9 month clothes now (24+ inches long). LOL    Jend - it usually is the hardest transition from 1 to 2. Going from 2 to 3 is super easy. But 1 to 2 does get much easier after a few months! Hang in there. :)
Miranda, are you sure there isn't ligament damage? My sister "twisted" her ankle walking down some steps last year and actually tore her ligament she later found out. Ouch!
You know, I think it really depends on the temperament of your kids. With my first two kids 3 yrs 9 months apart, it was harder. My house was a mess and we ate a lot of mac and cheese. After the first year or so it got better but I still struggled and was it was never kumbayah.    Now, I have an 11 year old, 7 year old and a 7 week old. I am finding it SUPER easy. My house is spotless, my kids are well taken care of, baby is a dream... I really have no complaints. But I...
Anya, feel free not to answer this but is Nico's father supporting him (paying child support)? Have you had any contact in the past 9 months? Is he at all interested in meeting Nico?
hyde, mother nature has a way of making you forget all the negatives. In a year, you'll remember things like "oh yeah, it hurt but it wasn't that bad." Or "yeah, I was uncomfortable but it didn't last that long." And you'll believe yourself. LOL   Also, Dexter was 11 lbs when he was born. 9 lbs would look small to me. LOL!   After I was considering having another baby - I spoke to DH. I just figured he would jump on the chance to have another baby but he said he...
I've been cooking again too for about 2 weeks now. But I learned pretty quickly that I had to do a lot either the night before or during his nap during the day in order to eat at a reasonable hour. LOL   I have a photo shoot booked for all 3 of the kids this Saturday! I really, really hope Dexter cooperates.   Glad everyone seems to be doing well! Congrats on the job, Anya!
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