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Moto - I am also 40+4 and my prodromal labor has stopped, too! And the further long I get the more I think it isn't going to happen. So weird! LOL
Oh no, nukuspot! I hope they can repair it ASAP today! Twice in the past week I've noticed the water coming out of my tap is dark yellow. So I freaked out and made DH investigate as to why. He said the city was working on water lines and that we just needed to run the water to clear the dirty water. We were advised not to drink the water if it was yellow though. Gee, um, thanks. I really want to birth my baby in water that is not recommended for drinking. UGH! It better...
Just came from hopefully my last midwife appointment. I asked her to check me out. I'm 5-6 cm dilated, only 25% effaced. Baby's head is nice and low. Soooo, anytime now. 
I'm sure Whatever will be adorable.    Mother Nature is not cool. I've been having a lot of contractions since I woke up this morning. Very funny. Today/Tomorrow just doesn't work for me. Stop it right now. 
Oh nnoooo! I just realized I have to give the birth pool back by the end of the week. But I cannot have the baby for the next 3 days. I just can't! Gah! 
Just get a long hose. Our hose is 50 ft and could easily reach another floor. If that's not long enough, get two hoses and a connector. Since it's a small fishy pool, even water travelling upwards shouldn't take too long to fill it up.    The annoying part would be your partner having to run downstairs to change temperature. Perhaps consider getting a shut off valve for the water end so you don't need to run downstairs to turn anything off in a hurry.
So sorry to hear about the emergency but congrats on your new little one! 
Checking in. I'm 2 days over my EDD. For some strange reason, I *knew* I would not be "late" having this baby. Clearly I knew nothing. LOL   My first baby I had at 39 weeks, my second I had at 41. I just figured, being my third baby he wouldn't be late and it made perfect logical sense to be born at 40 weeks.  However, I should point out I haven't had a baby in over 7 years so it's not like it was yesterday. My body most likely does need a little more prep than a...
LOL Monkey!   Looooove these baby pictures!!! So cute.
How is she getting in the house carrying a rat? LOL I am assuming you have a pet door? Close it up.   I have two cats who love to hunt and leave me presents on my doorstep all the time, but they can't come and go as they please, they need us to let them in/out. They've never snuck a rat past us. 
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