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My water broke at 8:15 and he was born at 9:22. Painful contractions started at about 8:30 I'd say. Currently, baby blues are starting. I knew they would eventually but my oldest daughter is having a tough time starting at a new school so my emotions are already hyper sensitive. Sigh.    I'd love to get together for a playdate! We could meet halfway. LOL   To post a picture click on the little picture icon. It is in between the "Redo" icon and the "Insert Video"...
Dexter has finally arrived! Born naturally at home in the water! Weighed 11lbs 1 oz. He's perfect.   Birth story here.    
Thanks everyone. I am pretty proud of my vagina.    No word from Alli? Did I miss it?
I had been having prodromal labor for about week and was becoming pretty frustrated. I went in for a sweep at 40+3, again at 40+5, each time I was significantly dilated (4-6cm and soft and stretchy). Right after my last appointment I got really sick with a cold and any signs of labor disappeared. I practically slept for 2 days straight and I finally started to feel better on 41+1.   Went in for my appointment on Monday (41+2) afternoon to get checked out. I was still...
Thanks everyone! Nobody suspected he would be this big! LOL I will post more about his birth once  i give someone else a chance to hold him. 
Dexter was born, at home, in the water after just over an hour of hard labor at 9:22 pm.   My monstrous baby weighs 11lbs 1oz and is 21.5" long. No, I do not have GD and his sugar levels were normal. LOL   His head was a whopping 15" and I.didn't.even.tear.    It was fast and intense and it hurt like hell but he's here.    The pics below: 1st one, he *just* came out seconds before. I was soooo relieved.      
Well, my contractions have gone from 15 to 8 minutes apart now. Midwives are on their way to visit. These contractions are not pleasant at all! I feel like there is a knife in my cervix with each one. But I can still talk through them. So either I will have a slow, mellow labor or transition will come on fast and furious once my water breaks like last time... who knows!!   Alli - I'm so sorry you're going through such a long early phase! Definitely check out spinning...
Well, I also think today is the day! I've been having consistent contractions all afternoon... had another sweep at 1pm and was nearly 100% and still about 6 but she could stretch me to forever and a half so the stretch wasn't really doing anything. Baby is -1, so not quite putting enough pressure to dilate more... Midwives will be dropping by at 7 tonight to assess.   Eek!
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