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When I had my first appt at 14 weeks it took awhile to hear the hb. My uterus is quite large cause I've had so many kids and I was still worried. I think its normal to worry. And normal not to hear it right away.
The first time this pg I felt movement I was on my stomach. It felt like a bunch of little fingers wiggling around. Then the next day I felt a definite kick up by my belly button. Then I knew for sure it was baby. I was 15 weeks.
Even that early there is a margin of error of a couple of days. So you could be in the middle week 7 which gives you a + hpt at 10-12 days. Which is about right. Next weeks u/s the baby might have played catch up too. Its not an exact science.
Quote: Originally Posted by MegBoz Natural birth & evidence-based maternity care needs a PR agency... There should be MORE media coverage on the dangers of iatrogenic problems, the inanity of many standard OB procedures (such as "nothing by mouth" & routine inductions at 39/40W for no cause, etc.), the care that is contrary to evidence, etc. If only I could quit my paying job in marketing & dedicate my life to that.... Yes, this. I simply...
No, it didn't matter what the gender was. #1 I didn't have any ms and had a girl. #2 had ms throughout the whole pg and had a girl. #3 and #4 were boys and I had ms. #5 I had ms but it wasn't bad and went away after the first tri. I felt really really good that pg and had a boy again. #6 and #7 had terrible ms and had boys again. So didn't matter either way. There was no pattern. Sorry.
Sometimes scar tissue will keep growing so I would def get it checked out. Before it gets worse.
No, because I don't discuss it with anyone unless they bring it up.
When they get sick. With my last it was within hours of birth for a very large Hematoma. Then he went back again in 3 days. But all the others it was mos.
Wait wait wait, there is Gelatin in vaccines? Like jello gelatin? Pig gelatin? references please, someone. TIA!
If you are concerned about a uti you can take him to an urgent care, thats what I would do. They have these little baggies that stick to them (btdt with a little boy) and you just wait for lo to pee. Then they test it like they do on adults. I agree that UTI in los is very difficult to diagnose at home. Don't worry about it being a first time mom thing, UTI is difficult to diagnose for experienced moms too. There are all sorts of stuff that comes up with kids and the...
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