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Quote: Originally Posted by woodchick Thanks for the hug! It was a scary two weeks, but at 3.5 you'd never know there had been anything wrong with her. What a miracle! I just can't even imagine the stress you went through. I have been so lucky, I just can't knock on wood enough.
I wouldn't choose it first. I think that it's a sterile option, when you're in unexpected circumstances. Also, I assume it must have a religious/spiritual purpose as well. The combination of fire magic, with a dislike of using metal, and etc. I imagine it has almost ceremonial purposes. I would be more interested, if I could explore that avenue of it. But as it stands now, I would just cut it, if I didn't lotus.
Quote: Originally Posted by Serenyd The ones I've seen were little gold hearts taped on, but yeah they monitor temp. Where I had my baby they have to stay in the nursery for six hours after birth. Healthy babies?! It's weird policies like this, that help to keep women away from hospitals.
Quote: Originally Posted by woodchick This is purely anectdotal, but DD1 was born with severe Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (ambulance transfer to the big city, intubation, medical paralization, 2 week hospital stay- severe). DD2 was fine and dandy. I'm not sure there's any way to predict it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Truckerdoo I'm giving birth in the hospital where there is no tub. It is a great hospital and I'll have a private room and bath, lots of room to walk around, and the bottom of the bed turns into a birthing stool thing should I want to squat. But I'm just wondering - are there any moms out there who had a successful unmedicated birth in the hospital with no tub? I read stories all the time about ppl who do it w/o meds but...
I don't like going into birth blind, in an age where I shouldn't have to. My life, and that of my babe is too precious. I always get a late term scan. My home is very far from a hospital. Birth comes with many unforeseen risks as it is, if it's in my power to eliminate some foreseeable ones, then that is my responsibility as a mother to my baby, and the keeper of my own body. You have hired you midwife for a reason. If she is requesting a scan to better serve you...
Quote: Originally Posted by tree_hugger It is true that if you were starting a kitchen from scratch, it would be much, much more cost effective to buy a Thermomix rather than all of those individual appliances. However, I got mine after being married for ten years, so I had a kitchen full of stuff. I Ebayed several of my small appliances (stand mixer, blender, food processor and breadmaker) and Freecycled the rest. That helped to pay for the...
I too, will not make alternates, unless someone is ill. I already have to take into account food allergies and diet restrictions. On top of that I account for preferences, if I know they don't like mushrooms or olives, then I leave them out, or set some aside before adding. So after all that, no. You eat what's at the table.
Oooh, that looks nice and comfy.
I definitely start "neglecting" them more after 9p.m. or so. I would say that, yeah, they mostly do their own thing at night. But obviously I'm there, an still up for use when needed.
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