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Your belly is now on the steering wheel and wants to do the driving. Your "garden" has now become a "jungle". You surpass the duck waddle and move into orangatang stride. Your belly now pushs your breast into your armpits. You wake up in the middle of the night and notice you laid on your boobs and are leaking. You post weekly updates on fb of your countdown. You have rearranged your nursery atleast 5 times and will have to do it again...and again. You notice that...
http://community.babycenter.com/phot...om2b3/18853261 Hope this link works! All ya'll are so beautiful!!!!
Sasha, your belly looks like mine when I was preg with my twins. If I had a scanner i'd show you what i looked like @ 30 wks. I was huge!! But it was all worth it. GL!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizk0040410/4886279930/ All you ladies are looking good!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/lizk0040410/4770042910/ 22 wks 4 days
17 wks 4 days: for the fluffy mommas!http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z...y/100_1503.jpg
I'm Liz, Edd 11-05 but will have another c/s probably 10-29. Find me on FB Elizabeth Peck-King.
Please add me all my info is in #205 thanks Liz
Congrat Qbear and Mama love!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just thought i'd check back in and see how eeryone was doing and OMG you guys did it!! You guys even made me sit here and cry over your good news but then again it could be my own preg hormones lol. I happen to be 10 weeks today! Now i'm just waiting for Bunzie! You guys were all there for me when i was trying starting back in Nov. Your BFPs are so great! I hope ya'll have a h&h9! And to everyone else, just remember to be...
EDD:Technically 11-05 but c-section #3 10-29 Name: Elizabeth or Liz Age: 30, 31 when baby is born Location: TN How long it took to you to get your BFP: IUD removed 2-09 so just a little over a year What number child is this for you: 4 for me 2 for him and 5 for us Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH Paul, dsd Kayla, ds Nic, dd&ds Erin & Hunter, 2 Beagles, Rosie & Dasiy, And yorkiepoo, Lucy Lou Petunia Baby's Sex (hopes or guesses): Really hoping...
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