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Here is our lovely, de-cluttered home that we are in the process of selling. We are down-sizing. http://www.cbgreatlakes.com/property...Glenvale_Dr_SW
Would someone here mind bumping up some threads for me about large families in smaller homes? I am sure they are here somewhere. We are a family of 6 living in an almost 3,000 sq ft. home. We are needing to sell and we are looking at homes in the 1100 sq ft range. I would love to see pictures and hear tips on how to make this successfully work. Thank you!
I don't think you're crazy! I didn't feel my twins til 19 weeks, but everyone is different.
I wanted/prayed for twins and I got them. : Of course, I did pray for identical boys but got a boy and a girl. Oh well, guess you can't be picky. :
Yes, those things would bug me. Calling them "the girls" would not bother me, but making them share a drawer when everyone else got their own, and getting their worked mixed up would. I am sure the teachers will get used to the twin dynamic over time, but I would defenitely speak up in a pleasant way about the things you would like done differently. And I think just being honest with the teachers and letting them know it is important that "the girls" are treated as...
Sometimes prematurity cannot be prevented, no matter how perfectly we do things. But I do believe you can defenitely increase your chances of going fullterm by having an extremely healthy diet, at least a gallon of water a day, and listening to your body. Rest when you need to and don't over do it. I think one of the reasons that so many twins are born early is because doctors induce or schedule unnecessary c-sections. I think many more women would go fullterm if the...
I'm sorry about your losses. I think it is normal to be paranoid after a loss. I have no idea what my progesterone or other levels were, but I did not show soon at all. At 14 weeks I was still wearing normal pants. It took me a very long time to pop out, but once I did, I was huge! Everyone shows differently, so I wouldn't let that worry you. I did have terrible morning sickness and I just laid around all day. And I was very tired. Those are the main symptoms I...
I'm so sorry, Ellie! : You are doing the best you can. Most people cannot comprehend how hard it is to have newborn twins, plus a 2 year old. I had my dh's help at night and I still almost went crazy. Things will get better! They really will. My twins are 3 now and I *almost* have forgotten those terrible nights of no sleep. In an ideal world, all babies could co-sleep comfortably next to mama, but sometimes the real world isn't like that. We did co-sleep for 2...
My midwife said 36 weeks, but I am pretty sure she said she MAY consider 35 weeks, depending on how things looked at the time. In the end I went to 40 weeks, 1 day so it didn't matter. It sure did feel good to get to the 36 week mark, though! My homebirth felt secure then.
Personally I would never trust a blue dye test, especially a line that light. I just went through this (not TTC right now) with a blue dye test. This is a NEGATIVE test: Don't trust Clear Blue Easy! I am super skeptical now.
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